Sunday, November 27, 2011

Granville Island Broom Company

I enjoyed my walk with Gilbert around Granville Island.  When I lived on my boat in False Creek I so enjoyed dinghy shopping at the market. I've always told visitors to Vancouver that Granville Island is the definite must see.  The restaurants are the finest and range from great breakfasts, lunches and fine dinner dining. Especially good seafood.
Today I was Christmas shopping and walking Gilbert.   Lots of new shops.  Some favourite old ones gone.  The market and the little mall aren't dog friendly so I didn't get to go in there. There's quite an expansion of the shops further along filling in the expanse around Emily Carr.
That's where I found the Granville Island Broom Company. Since hearing Westjet and Air Canada aren't allowing pets at Christmas, so Gilbert won't be able to visit Dad, perhaps I was looking for an alternative solution.
The traditional brooms here are magnificent. You could definitely see them being used for flight.
I had a more prosaic use for the broom, however.  Sweeping up after Gilbert, the dog ,and Angel, the cat..
I was pleased that while they had more expensive state of the art creations they had perfect little $25 hand made brooms that would serve us just fine. I do think mine was the simplest., given the variety of intricate and expensive carved wood handles they had on some of the others. IMG 0216One of the owners was busy making brooms but took time out to ring my purchase up.  She didn't look at all witchy in the old fashioned sense.  No hooked nose.  More like the pretty "Bewitched" witch if anything.
I just figured though with Christmas coming and stables needing cleaning this was certainly a fine place for gift shopping, especially for the homes that have everything.  If I got some of my friends or family one of these creations, they'd put it up on the wall and think it 'art'.  That's where mine is now.  Adding to the decor.  I just hope it inspires me to clean up after the two animals I work for.IMG 0211

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