Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bushnell -Fusion 1600 ARC Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

Bushnell - Fusion ™ 1600 ARC 10 x42 mm [201042] > I bow hunt and rifle hunt and I'm a blue water sailor.  All my scopes are Bushnell. I've been really quite satisfied with Bushnell binoculars especially considering the price. When the Bushnell - Fusion Arc became available  I bought them. I'd read about them for a month or so before I saw them in 100 Mile House hunting outfitter store.  They lived around my neck the duration of this season and will accompany on my sailboat as well.  I'm delighted with the clarity and magnification of the binoculars. They're as good as any I've had for hunting letting me see well at dusk and dawn. What's fascinating is the range finder. There's enough features for a cyborg but what I simply like is pointing at something estimating the distance and then finding out the exact amount. I've routinely off 10 yards either side of an object. The first time I estimated an object was 100 yards it turned out 85 yards. Now I'm training my vision. It's a lot different being in the woods and on trails than at the range. I actually set my targets up more correctly. I expect these binoculars could even improve my golf game.  So I just wanted to share that as far as 'boy bling' goes, these have really done it for me this year. DSCN9773

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