Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Girlcott" Ashworth's Fat Women Lingerie Store for Male Bashing!!
I was irked to hear on CBC "This is That" that Ashworth Department Store Winnipeg had banned men from the Lingerie Department. I've been buying lingerie for wives and girlfriends, among others, for a quarter century or more.  In fact as I've become older and my partners too the old standbys of jewelry, lingerie, flowers, perfumes and chocolates have tended more towards jewelry, lingerie, perfume and flowers.
When I lived in Winnipeg, I can honestly say I never bought lingerie at Ashworth's because it was specialized in 'fat old lady' lingerie.  Everyone in Winnipeg knew the best place for lingerie was St. Boniface. Who but the French know anything about women's sexy things.
Today I work with Transexuals and am thankful that the lingerie departments in Vancouver, especially Sears and Hudson Bay,  as well as all the top lingerie stores are notoriously 21st century in their approach to Victorian underpinnings.  My patients often men in the process of undergoing sex changes don't need the kind of sexist attitudes of gender bigots of Ashworth's.  None of my female patients who are in the process of becoming men have ever had to deal with the likes of Ashworth's Helen Cole-Adams when they buy Stanfields for themselves or get those James Bond pjs for their romantic encounters.
Naturally I don't think 'teen age girls" have any place in men's underwear departments either. So I didn't like hearing men and 'teen age boys' lumped together in an obvious 'marketting' strategy.  What real adults don't think twice about 'sex' at all, confronted with any teen agers in their midst?
In fact I was rather delighted to buy an item this summer for my girlfriend at  La Vie En Rose on south Granville Street here in Vancouver.  She was so pleased she said, "because 'that's where Goldie Hawn shops".  Now Goldie Hawn took 'sexy' and "romantic'  to a whole new level.  I don't think she ever objected to men being around her. If anything she still has to beat them off.  So Ainsworth could well learn something from La Vie En Rose!
Is  Ainsworth  really Winnipeg?  When I lived there Winnipeg was  a Canadian 'fashion capital'.  Admittedly Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary have all long surpassed it as such. But is it really becoming a place where lingerie is so bad it has to be cloistered and sold only to nuns who faint at the sight of man, especially a man who might well be buying lingerie for himself or herself.
I plan right now to throw a temper tantrum the next time I see a girl reaching for my Stanfields.  I can't concentrate when women are around me buying those 'boy boxers' the young girls love to 'pilfer' from the men's underwear store.
Ashworth's is pathetic.  I hope their fat woman lingerine store gets 'girlcotted'.  It's likely that  on line Victoria Secret will benefit from the likes of Ashworth.
I expect with that attitude in Winnipeg now, all the sexiest and finest women will have to wait till their next trip to Vancouver where they can shop at La Vie En Rose or  Dianne's on South Granville.


lingeries said...

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haykind said...

Good on you, West Coast Lingerie. Offering more on line choices! The only trouble with on line shopping for intimate wear is sizing. The day is coming when we will send a picture and the perfect fitted intimates will arrive for that special gift.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! You do realize that the CBC show "This is That" is a spoof of real newscasts??? They do 'joke' news stories.... There is no Ashworths Dept store .... The stories do sound so legitimate though, but the content is usually so bizarre it couldn't possibly be real! They 'got' you! :)

haykind said...

I think you may be right. This is That, a spoof. What a lark, eh? I hope their writers find the way to my blog and see how successful their show was. A bit of a War of the Worlds broadcast though if it be true.