Monday, November 14, 2011

Attack on Leningrad - Movie

In spite of myself I watched a disturbing human drama of historical significance. I picked up the DVD kind of thinking I'd enjoy watching some fast action plane fights done up Russian style. Instead I weeped at the terribly touching story of two women, others, and the children.  There were planes and tanks and bodies lying dead to be eatten in the seige of Leningrad.  But there was also this moving moment when a father tells his departing daughter, "Don't give up."  Action packed, for sure. but spilling over with humanity as well.  Not at all comic book or cut out people. Acting so real by Mira Sorvino, Garbiel Byrne and Armin Mueller--Stahl and Olga Sutlova.  In the Nazi seige a British Journalist Kate Davis is presumed dead only to be rescued by Nina a member of the Soviet militia.  With papers lost and declared dead Kate stays starving and surviving with Nina's family.  Alexander Buravsky is the director.  The movie was so much more than I imagined.
In the end I felt like I'd just watched Dr. Zhivago expecting an episode of House MD.

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