Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupy "Occupy Vancouver"!

I confess I was impressed with Occupy Wall Street. I protested for peace in the war days getting billy clubbed at an early protest only to have the mayor wanting to walk beside me at a later one.  Over the years I've supported a variety of unsavoury radical movments from  Amnesty International, Canadian Civil Rights, Physicians for Social Responsibility. Doctors against Nuclear War, Psychiatrists against Political Abuse of Psychiatry and now Christianity.
I knew there was alot fishy in the upper echelons of world power not just by the smell but mostly by the 'cover ups'. Nothing proves a 'conspiracy theory" better than the degree of effort made to 'cover' the 'conspiracy' up.  So something wasn't clearly right about the plane crashing into the Pentagon and no one getting fired but rather key players getting promoted.  Then only one picture was released to the media and hundreds were withheld.  I love all the 'deleted' bits of transcripts which are done to protect 'security' but mostly have the names of girlfriends and drug dealers on them.
Worse was the Israeli act of piracy on the high seas, the theft of all the journalists cameras and then the release of one picture showing unarmed sailors defending themselves against machine gun weilding grenade carrying kevlarred Israeli paratroopers.  The recent Bahrain 'trial' of the doctors who simply doctored to those shot by security forces was as much a mockery as the increasing cover ups out of Syria.   Then there's the billions of dollars of aid money that went missing in Afghanistan and a whole bunch of naughty bits which make wiki leaks the greatest contribution to mass education in the history of civilization only to have the Eva Brawn sisters claim that an Australian awkward genius could actually sexually harrass a couple of Swedish bimbos.
So I didn't like Goldman Sack and the other economic royalists making a killing for themselves individually while wiping out veterans pension funds and causing a global crisis so they can get themselves some Swedish bimbos.  It seemed that businessmen who said 'trust us' had proved no better than the communists and fascists before them who said 'trust us'.  It seemed appropriate that they should have some sign carrying ruffians in their neighbourhood.  Wall Street was long to chaste for the whore it had become.
But that's not Occupy Vancouver.  I like Vancouver. I was living here paying taxes and working before the squatters turned the centre of the city into a bad campsite.  Even if Vancouver is a gangster town built on BC bud and pot smoking individuals Hollywood North and Los Vegas north,, this little Amsterdam  helps heroin go freely into the United states across our once sacrosanct borders.  It's making Asian businessman rich and supporting the motorcycle industry in our town.  The americans quite rightly are  improving their own economy by developing drones released from war duty for homeland security  watching  the border of British Columbia Washington state where millions of dollars of illict drugs traffic along with how many illegal aliens is anyone's guess.
But what has Emily Carr and the Art Gallery got to do with all this?  We have a bull on Georgia street that's in the centre of the Vancouver's 'wall street' district. So if we're going to be in sympathy with Occupy Wall Street we should at least be seeing the protestors congregating where the greatest bull shit is.  But no, instead we see these pretty boys and girls, fat cat kids, and burnt out hippies in the middle of the city, at tourist central, in the prettiest part of the city, in front of our monument to creative genius and west coast art.  Here we have a bunch of urbanites who know nothing about camping learning to be boy and girl scouts without adult supervision. The fire depeartment with more sense has pointed out the ignorance of the protestors about basic matters like 'safety' and 'city planning'.  Yet these relatively unworldly incompetents big on talk insist they know better about running the world than the likes of so many of our leaders who paid with blood and dues long before they entered the ugly world of politics.
So I'm a wilderness expert and West Coast trail hiker and back woods camper.  I 'm older and I'm tired of working and paying taxes and seeing my tax money go to hockey hooligans  and  ill behaved squatter children needing  police protection.
I recently got a parking ticket for having my F350 diesel truck parked overlong on the street at a meter. I want the City of Vancouver to give me back the money I paid. I want the City of Vancouver to return every parking ticket fine that they collected these last two months since us law abiding citizens should receive equal treatment.  Fair is fair.
Further after decades of wilderness camping I got an RV last year. I'm thinking that if the city has opened a campground in downtown Vancouver for silly tenters then RV owners like myself should be able to move our RV's into the centre of the city if only so we can save money on the fuel costs of our daily commutes.  I'd like to drive my diesel truck pulling my RV onto the front lawn of Art Gallery and perhaps squat it on some squatter tents.  What day would be good for all RV owners to congregate in the centre of VAncouver for maybe a week or a month just to get the attention of the city officials who don't seem to be doing their jobs anymore.
All I'm hearing is that these people who apparently don't have to work, or pay taxes and are above the law, possibly living on welfare, parents trust funds or whatever kind of special deals they make by extortion and threat of violence are professional protestors and paid activists with an agenda of self aggrandisement and a need to be on facebook.
It was once relevant but that's getting old quickly and detracting greatly from what was initially an interesting response to the corruption in high places. The corruption in low places is now just mirroring and offering nothing new. The Occupy Vancouver squatters are just the pink collar equivalent of the white collar Goldman Sacs bullies.   I don't hear anyone caring for the blue collar workers like myself who continue to work and pay taxes while everyone else seems to be having a pity party at our expense.

Old Chevies with campers line up on Robson. Fifth wheelers on Georgia.  Towables line up on Burrard. RV's ho!IMG 0070

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