Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Cleared

I read in today's Economist (Aug27 to Sept 2) that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been cleared of 'sexual assault' charges following the accusation of a hotel maid whose credibility certainly didn't impress the New York Judge. Apparently the accuser was a notorious liar.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund.  He was and hopefully may still be the next French President given his bearing up so well under the worst kind of fire.  Because of these 'presumably false allegations' Mr. Strauss-Kahn stepped down from his position.
I once saw an internationally famous woman whose competitor had a woman accuse her of sexual harrassment. It took a year to clear the woman's name and during this time the competitor took the lead with great financial gain.
Michael Creighton years ago wrote a brilliant book called "Disclosure". It was seriously ahead of it's time talking about false sexual charges as an 'upward mobility' tactic in the workplace.
Carl Hiansen has quipped in one of his ingenius novels, "The only thing a southern politician can't do is 'get caught with a dead woman or a live boy in his bed".
In French law historically, false accusation resulted in the accuser being sentenced to the hoped for consequence of the accusation. It's certainly ashame that this didn't occur in France.
Yet increasingly the poor and unknown are accusing the rich and famous at tremendous cost to society.
We're still waiting to hear the outcome of the infamous accusation of Wikileaks Julian Assange ,
What seems to me a concern is that opposition can easily 'smear' a person and that the 'dirty dirties', these far worse that perverts, will use society's concerns about sexual exploitation for their own nefarious reasons and gains. Further, there seems to be little consequence for those who make such heinous false accusations.
It's like the question, 'when did you stop beating your wife'.  A person 'accused' is guilty until proven innocent. Yet how can I prove that I wouldn't have sex with some ugly social climbing low life.  Dominique Strauss-Kahn has a beautiful wife and given his assets he could have any woman for sex for hire he could want. Yet a hotel bar maid claims this great and powerful man would want her and would attempt to rape her.  I suggest that this is as silly as me saying that Angelique Jolie would be stalking me if she ever chose to come to Vancouver Canada.
With Julian Assange I can believe the CIA were involved and that Swedish women collectively are to be avoided given Naomi Wolf's take on this business.
With Dominique Strauss-Kahn though I fear that no great man would want to step forward for high position because they risk being falsely accused sexually.
I imagine today that our former prime minister Troudeau would never have made it to election without dozens of women accusing him of sexual harrassment for wearing that rose in his lapel and smiling as seductively as he does.  (By the way, Nicole Kidman  has always sexually harrassed me too)
The trouble is these 'copy cat's' and "want to be" 'social climbers' ( quite simply sociopaths and psychopaths) make mockery of people who are really raped and sexually assaulted by rich and poor alike.  The pendulum has swung from when no one dared to speak out against sexual assault to where people are using sexual assault as a personal advancement strategy.
Further the media always seems to have the 'smear' and 'scandal' on the front page but when Dominique Strauss - Kahn is exonerated it's not a 'front page' matter.
For that reason I think it's important to report that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been cleared.
I would further recommend that until further notice the Sofitel Hotel is not a safe place for the wealthy and powerful.
The good news, from my point of view, as an aging person, is that hotels would do wise to hire only staff over 50 years of age, as us mature oldsters are less likely to claim rape  or be confused about whether we were raped.  Maybe the young collectively carry to much 'risk' especially from an insurance perspective, and us oldersters would be less of a risk for the rich, famous and powerful.     Maybe there's a need for a psychiatric assessment for work in hotel housekeeping and various other places where rich, powerful or famous clientele would be at risk for false sexual allegations.  I can fore see a kind of 'bonding' which would serve to protect clients from such extraordinary allegations that could make it impossible for Elton John for instance, given his sexual charisma alone, to stay anywhere  without risk of false allegation.
I would hope that Sofitel Hotel and other hotels which have an obligation to their customers  would better screen their staff to protect customers from this kind of sexual predator.


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I just posted this because I believe in a justice system where 'guilty until proven innoscent' isn't the standard as it is with 'sex scandals'. He admitted to having consensual sex with the woman. "Innocent until proven guilty" is really the question and the media commonly 'convicts' like the 'gossips' they are. What I also find is that radical feminists say the courts are corrupt when the decision goes against them and yet they celebrate the courts when, as is as often, or more often, the case, the courts are for them. With all the rich powerful lawyered up women in the world today it will be interesting to see if the young men they sexually abuse ever think the courts will give them a better shake. Wasn't it Naomi Wolf who showed that today's 'feminism standards' were identifical to the Victorian standards for women a hundred years ago. Given my own enjoyment of intrigue far above my pay grade I'd say that this was a 'set up' with an attempt to undermine his run for President of France probably instigated by an even more sexist woman or man who would rather see themselves as President. The maid may well be asking herself who was out to get her at the hotel. I would ask for proof that "most hotels would not let him stay at their establishments'. Hotels are businesses and even catered to the likes of Michael Jackson. Though I did hear one band player was banned because he cherry bombed hotel toilets when stoned. A hotelier told me The American Psychiatric Association conference had more problems than when the Rolling Stones stayed there.