Saturday, August 27, 2011

Harrison Hot Springs Village

Laura, I and Gilbert motorcycled up the number 7 from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs today.  Laura was on her orange Honda Big Ruckus while Gilbert and I were on the Harley Davidson Electroglide. We were able to book rooms at the Executive Hotel which is dog friendly, has locked underground parking, and all the amenities while being right in the centre of town across from the public hot spring pool.  Doffing heavy protective gear in the room we headed for a walk around town, Laura in sundress, me in shorts and t shirt, while Gilbert was stripped right down to the naked dog.  We stopped for fish and chips with onion rings first.  Gilbert was thankful I didn't forget him. He had a burger patty on the side which Laura broke up into bite sized chunks for him.  He was busy dog watching when he wasn't eating.
Then we made our way around the malacon.  Everyone loves the lawn and beach here. Familes galore from all nationalities. I especially loved the little white bonnet wearing chubby bodied babies wading with their bikinied bodacious mothers.  The folksinger, songwriter, guitarist Glenn Chatten was playing and his words and music were simply wondrous.  I've paid to hear Dylan, Cohen, Lightfoot and happened on Arlo Guthrie playing in the park with Pete Seegers.  Coming across Glenn Chatten at Harrison's was that kind of experience. Magical.
We'd last walked Gilbert around the town here in February.  There was lots of snow then. Now it was blue sky, blue lake, hot sunshine and miles of beach.  I picked up some soft drinks for the room and then we stopped at Savy Fashions.  It's one of several amazing high end well thought out stores that take advantage of the continuous flow of discerning tourists from all over the world.  Today we were getting Laura another bathing suit, reminiscing she'd bought one early in the summer of last year,DSC 0282 here.
DSC 0258Now back in the room it's time to read before " taking the waters."  I don't know where that expression came from but it sure beats 'working out'.
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