Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Starpass Trail, Tucson, Arizona

I first visitted Arizona in the 70's to American Society of Hypnosis. I'd later return to Phoenix for remarkable meetings of the Ericksonian Foundation. Then I'd be there again for the International Society of Addiction Medicine. This was my first trip to Tucson and I loved it. Every time I've come to Arizona I've so enjoyed their hikes. The terrain is incredible and the parks service folk have made sure the trails I've been on, at least,  are really enjoyable gentle hikes.  Great exercise and great outdoors. This time it was the Star pass Trail I enjoyed south of Tucson.  I was fortunate to meet a deer who waited an inordinate time for me to take her picture before literally disappearing. I loved the quail too though they were so fast skirting everywhere it was impossible for me to get a good picture despite many failed tries.  The Sonora certainly isn't the Sahara. There's such a range of vegetation and birds and wild life.  I loved the rabbits and squirrels as well.  A great hike.  I only did it for an hour but it goes on for ever. The sign recommends bringing water.  A very good idea!DSC 0250 DSC 0207DSC 0228DSC 0220DSC 0238DSC 0208DSC 0206DSC 0248DSC 0247DSC 0210DSC 0246DSCN9486DSC 0228DSC 0231

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