Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spanish Trail Outfitters, Tucson, Arizona

Horse back riding in the desert is a must.  Spanish Trail Outfitters in Tucson are a delightful place for a very fine trail ride. The horses are well kept, safe and well mannered. The organizers are truly professional. The equestrian was beautiful and entertaining as the cowboy. "I"m not a cowgirl,"she said. "I don't have anything to do with cows".  "So my elderly aunt, when I told her this, said, then you're an "equine lady".  "Yes, aunt, I'm an equine lady, "I said, "preferring that to cowgirl. In contrast, Roger, is a cowboy who has done his years of outback riding and carousing and was glad to share this on the trail when I told him about my grandfather the rancher, my uncle the cowboy and my cousin who raised appaloosas.
I've been around horses alot of my life but moved from riding horses as a young man to riding Harleys as an old man. My friend, Dr. John Christensen, rode motorcycles all over the aussie back country as a young man before becoming an accomplished equestrian who did those days long overland round up  rides Canada is famous for.  Dad grew up riding horses but speaks most of his driving a logging wagon with 6 Clydesdales pulling.  My brother rode motorcycles as a young man and now kayaks and bicycles.  His butt is less sore as a result.
I did an hour and a half ride with the Spanish Trail Outfitter, $40 of incredible scenery, and great exercise, My horse, Fidget, wanted to stop and chomp on any tree as opposed to focussing on following the horses ahead. It gave me a lot of arm work pulling her head out of the bushes. The 'equine lady" followed behind on one of the most beautiful mules i've ever laid my eyes on. "They're the best for mountain trails because their eyes are placed more lateral and they can see their back foot  placement better than an horse can."
Along the trails,  there were rabbits, quail, chipmunks, and one harmless snake that certainly was a show stopper.  We didn't see any Apache or Navajo but I would later buy the silver inlaid jewelry the Navajo are famous for.  When the first family with school age children left I stayed around for the sunset ride.  A couple of really cute teen age girls rode along on that one looking like they'd been poured into the saddle the way they sat so tall taking the uphill and downhill climbs like regular pros.  Roger commented on that between our discussion of black bears, grizzlies and bald eagles versus Mexican eagles.  It was gorgeous riding among those tall Sonora Dessert cacti watching the blaze orange of setting sun .  Alot more serene than my harley. It was a great ride and I'm sure I felt every muscle in my body when I climbed out of the saddle. I'll have to get up to Mount Currie and out riding with First Nations retired World Rodeo Champion Wayne Andrews when I get back. It's such a grand experience trusting a horse and enjoying the ride.  Spanish Trail Outfitters are good people. They treat their horses well as a result the horses treat rusty cowboys like me just as well.  DSCN9511DSCN9526DSCN9512DSCN9514DSCN9513DSCN9515DSCN9517DSCN9527DSCN9525DSCN9545DSCN9543DSCN9542DSCN9562

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