Saturday, August 27, 2011

Honda Big Ruckus to Harrison's Hot Springs

Laura has had her Honda Big Ruckus for a year now. She says it's great for driving about town doing her shopping. She'd not had it out on the highway till today.  It's about 100 km to Harrison's from Vancouver.
She set out on Hastings, taking the Barnett Hwy then heading out on the Number 7.  I was riding along with Gilbert in the back of the Harley Davidson Electraglide Classic.  He was my spotter.  We got a couple of pictures of Laura and the Big Ruckus along the route.  Then at the turn off to Hemlock Valley at Sasquatch Inn she pulled off.  Gilbert was glad for this. He needed a drink and pee break too.
Then it was back on the highway taking in the great countryside with mountains and farmland, lakes and trains before heading into the town of Harrison Hot Springs.  We had rooms at the dog friendly, locked underground parking Executive Hotel.  A hot ride.
The Honda Big Ruckus is a 250 cc scooter which weighs about 350 lbs.  I have a Honda CRF and it does 110 km on the freeway.  The Number 7 was 80 km.  My Harley Electraglide weights about 900 lbs and is about 1600 cc.  Laura likes to keep to the speed limit so we did 70 or 80.  I'll not say what my Harley does at full open throttle as it would invite a visit from NASA space agency.  I suspect Laura's Big Ruckus will do at least what the lighter Honda CRF does but I expect it will be a while before Laura does full open throttle.
 The tripe reminded me of the first time I rode the 600 cc Buell Blast up here with Laura meeting up with me in her car. I'd been caught in a downpour that time while Laura this time was nearly clam baked in today's heat.  It gets a bit tricky coming down the steep mountain side so it's a pretty neat ride overall.

Gilbert wasn't around for the Buell days but loves the Electraglide.When we're ready to go he jumps up on the seat before climbing into his strapped on box.  Laura used to ride behind me and then he had to go to the very back of the Harley riding on top of the luggage. He's glad he's next to me and likes that she has her own motorcycle for road trips . Gives him more room for stretching out and styling. He was wearing his Harley Davidson faux leather today. I saw a pretty minature pomeranian strutting her stuff for the big biker dog.  DSCN9612.  IMG 2121DSCN9619IMG 2125IMG 2122IMG 2123DSCN9614IMG 2124DSCN9619IMG 2119

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