Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night

Friday Night. I'm sitting on the bed. I've got a bottle of Stewart's Key Lime half drunk and a package of Kettle Salted chips half eaten. I'm waiting for Chinese Food. Laura ordered it when I got in. Gilbert is lying beside me on the bed. He's been playing with his friend Puka and is whooped. Angel the cat is lying at my feet.
I was feeling guilty for not wanting to go dancing. I felt I should be at least writing the Great Canadian novel. Maybe getting to the gym and doing a little kickboxing after doing bench presses. I think the Grouse Grind is probably open already.
I told Laura, "I thought of taking you and Gilbert out to dinner on the motorcycle. Finding an outdoor cafe but now that I'm inside I was thinking maybe order in Chinese."
"I'd just as soon order in Chinese." She said. I was afraid she might want to get into a spaceship and go off to conquer a distant galaxy.
"I feel guilty for being such a slouch," I said.
"You're not a slouch. It's Friday. You work all week so should be able to take Friday night off. You can sleep in Saturday morning too." she said. She has an appealing kind of logic to her.

It was Canada Day yesterday so other than doing some chores I didn't really work. I did attend a conference after a week of work the week before. And I do work 12 hours a day often and miss a lot of lunches and never get coffee breaks.
But I really should be finding a cure for cancer or at least jogging in the park. I'd feel better if I came up with an answer for world peace. Maybe I should pretzel in a yoga meditation and commune with God and find what I really am supposed to be doing with this Friday night.
The Key Lime tastes great. The chips are really good but the oil and salt on my fingertips probably isn't good for the keyboard.
I am thankful I've had a week of work. Work is Dharma. Dharma is prayer.
I'm mush on Friday nights though. This last year it really began to hit me. I'm not at all interested in going out on Friday night. Sure, put fish hooks through my nipples and drag me out to all that fun that's waiting and I'll be there. In winter I get to the ballet and theatre and opera sometimes on Friday nights. It's a miracle that I do that. Mostly I'm mush. After this last spring I've been just glad to get through the week to the weekend and recoup and replenish.
The Olympics and the economic woes have taken their tolls. Always being on call is wearying too. Friday night I just want to shut the world out.
"I've earned it."
"You have."
Gilbert, the puppy seeing that I'm doing nothing figures I might as well be useful entertaining him.

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