Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ginger Ale

My mother gave us ginger ale when we were children with upset stomachs. A famous Jewish internist wrote a New England Journal of Medicine paper on the benefits of chicken soup for colds. He proved by studying the motion of throat celia that his Jewish mother was right. Such a good boy.

My mother in heaven bless her, turned me on to Ginger Ale. Canada Dry Ginger Ale to be specific. I don't drink Canada Dry anymore because I think it's not what my mother served. She served something soothing, wholesome and natural. Reed's Extra Ginger Brew is my favorite today. Santa Cruz Organic Ginger Ale is a close second.

As an offshore sailor my 'tummy" can get a 'tad' upset especially having to fix something down below in a confined space over the bilge in 40 foot seas and 50 knot winds. Nothing like Ginger Ale to relieve the subsequent gastrointestinal distress.

I don't have any scientific laboratory studies of how Ginger Ale works. I'm sure they're out there if only because I know my mother was right. So today I'm enjoying a Reed's Ginger Ale after too much coffee and too much stress. It's so soothing.

Now I remember another famous internist wrote a paper on flatulence for the New England Journal of Medicine. Personally I think his father probably inspired his work.

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