Saturday, July 3, 2010

Be my GPS, Jesus!

Thank you for this day, Lord. Thank you for the colours. Thank you for the shapes and forms. Thank you for my sight. I love to watch the video that is Gilbert in the backyard today. He's already at it. Thank you for the feelings too. I really appreciated the sensation of his little tongue licking my ear first thing in the morning. I appreciated too Angel cuddling and purring next to me while he tried to pull me out of bed tugging on my hair. I enjoyed the warmth and comfort of bed, Lord. I really like bed.
I could do with less of the aches and pains but without them maybe I'd not appreciate the comforts so well. Right now I could use a hot tub. a chiropractor and a masseuse but usually after a coffee and a shower and a little determination that all fades a little. Must I be reminded every morning of all the crashes. I can see how this might temper my life regarding bicycles, motorcycles, trucks and cars but I wasn't even driving the plane, Lord.
It's really nothing. I know that most of the pain is fear for the future. I've already thought of Depends. Right after I sat down this morning for my constitutional I thought of Depends. My mind isn't my friend a lot of the time, Lord. You are but this mind of mine is truly unruly. I've already flashed back to a couple of old wars and the enemies who played being friends. Snakes that still slither about this garden. Do you remind me of those like you do the crashes just to temper my words and my relationships.
But there's the raven Lord. I do like to hear the Raven. Thanks for the sound and hearing. I really appreciate breathing too. Deep breaths in the morning and clean air. There's relatively clean air here in Vancouver. It's not the gloriously fresh air of Pemberton or Princeton that tastes like mountain spring water to my nose and lungs but it's still mighty fine air, Lord. Thank you for Vancouver air.
I'm thankful for Vancouver. It's a wonderful city . I just wish there wasn't so much crime and corruption and that the government wasn't so infiltrated by the drug trafficking. It's a regular Miami north, this Vancouver. But still it gets better. The building of the Canada Line is a thing of beauty. The improvement of the road to Whistler is glorious indeed. Whatever rats are running about in city hall and Victoria are certainly balanced by some incredible saints. The Olympics festival was spectacular. The participants will remember it the rest of their lives. We who observed will remember the snow boarder winning and his brother so happy. So many moments like that reach into the very depth of me and tickle my heart. I'm thankful for that feeling. I'm thankful for being able to be soft hearted to enjoy the smile of a child or two puppies rolling about in play.
Thank you Lord for the blessings upon blessings you have given me. Now guide me through this day. Show me how best I can use my time. Help me to be positive. Help me to see that my glass is always half filled. Half empty is death Lord. Let me live today. Let me sing your praises and wander with joy in this garden of creation. But please Lord guide me. Be my GPS Jesus!

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