Sunday, July 25, 2010

Andrea Scotland and Bob Rogers Wedding

I just met Bob this spring. Handsome, smart guy with a record of cultural refinement. Bob has the art gallery in Fort Langley. Andrea has been my friend for more than a decade. The friendship began discussing philosophy at a Vancouver coffeeshop. We're still discussing philosophy and God. Laura likes them both. They're getting married next week. We stopped in Fort Langley like we often do, returning from one of our motorcycle jaunts to Harrison's.

"They're getting married at the Fort Langley Community Hall", Laura said, "Andrea is going to look so beautiful." The Community Hall is a historic site more reminiscent of Boston environs than west coast. Andrea is beautiful. She's one of those blond angels whose good looks conceals her big brain. She's got heart and soul too.

I hate weddings. I'd rather be motorcycling or camping. Bob and Andrea are special though. Vivian Seegers, our First Nations Anglican minister friend is taking part in the ceremony with sweetgrass and smudge. Laura is getting a new dress. I'll have to find the navy blue Tilley Sports Jacket I've rolled up and stuffed somewhere. It's going to be too hot for my black leather sports jacket. Laura hinted she'd rather I took the truck since she's going to be wearing a new dress and high heels.

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jimbo said...

YES, as I have emailed, Andrea was radiant;Bob was handsome. The wedding was memorable-so many of you I have met over the 18 years-it made for a perfect
day. Andrea, prayers per usual.