Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mr. Squirrel, Gilbert and Angel

We have a yard squirrel. I don't know if we'd have one were it not for Gilbert. He appears to come solely to tease Gilbert. Gilbert is teased. But they both appear to be equally entertained.
Mr. Squirrel jumps back and forth from the fence to the tree, then scoots down the tree trunk to peer at Gilbert, just feet above his nose. Mr. Squirrel's long bushy tail is wagging wildly. Gilbert's short stubby tail is wagging wildly. Then Gilbert runs in high speed circles about the tree occasionally uttering a high pitched bark that sounds distinctly like "No fair!"
Mr. Squirrel then flies up the tree laughing whenever Gilbert jumps up and down with only his forepaws touching the trunk.
Then a game of peek a boo ensues. Mr. Squirrel scampers around the trunk only to peer out to see if Gilbert is following. Gilbert runs around the other direction looking anxiously for the missing squirrel.
Angel the cat tied on a long leash watched this whole affair for some time. Finally apparently thoroughly flummoxed by Gilbert's carrying on, made a mad dash herself, across the yard. She literally flew up the tree trunk after fleeing Mr. Squirrel until she came abruptly to the end of her tether.
It was Gilbert's turn to stand back thoroughly amazed at his sister's agility.
Mr. Squirrel was long gone, out of the yard and catching a fast train for the coast.

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