Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday in the city

It's kind of a lazy day for a Sunday afternoon in the city. Gilbert woke me at 5 am this morning. Licking my ear. Puppy kisses. I am forever ruined by hospital call and ship watch. I wake in instant work mode, threat scan charging while already moving to the door. He used to have to really go and I had to really move to get to the door before he peed. Now i'm still in that mode but he's very leisurely.

A Ray of sunshine or a birdsong has woken him so he figures he may as well wake me. No doubt I'll want to enjoy the predawn experience. I used to try to meditate, awake. 5 am. Gilbert sniffing about the backyard chewing on whatever the squirrels had dropped in the night. Gilbert thought this cross leggeged closed eyes meditation thing I was doing a marvelous game of squirm on lap and lick neck. Often I've gone for walks but Gilbert isn't that keen on walking that early. He's even less fond of jogging.
So I've taken to going back to bed and Gilbert thinks this is just fine. He's up on the bed and very busy, very busy indeed. He usually brings a toy to squeak with too before the inevitable fight games with Angel the cat. Peace is not something of a priority on a puppy's schedule.

So this morning I wrote. All the while Gilbert played whirling dervish. Laura slept amazingly through this. Years of childrearing has equippedher for ignoring little ones at play. He did begin to chew on something unusual, a slight change in sound ,and she shot out of bed, wrestled a frog ornament out of his mouth, leaving him with cocked head bewilderment, while she was back under the sheets asleep in a flash.

I made coffee and decided that walking and jogging might use up some of his energy before church. We did the neighborhood. I walked
by the Jim Patterson Pavillion and thought what a fine man he was to contribute this wing to Vancouver General Hospital. The Diamonds contributed to the pavillion across from that. All fine philanthropists.

For the first time I studied the amazing sculpture "When Humans Bleed" dedicated to the nurses and located out front of the VGH Emergency. At first it looked like an odd shaped lump of white rock but then it became a masterpiece before my eyes.

Laura and I and Gilbert walked to St. George's Anglican Church. It's such a friendly church. Peter is the greeter. John Lamble and his wifeBetty take part in the service and are always so welcoming. The minister, John Marsh,gave a very fine sermon referring to the small numbers that Paul spoke to in the early years of the church. In an amusing way he likened the sizes of the early groups to the "18 here plus a dog". He spoke seriously about the Galatians understanding that the message of the cross in that day was that of the Roman cross and crucifixion for anyone who challenged the hierarchal authority of the worldly rule of violence. Yet her were small groups of Christians gathering in those early days as we do today to bow to the new spiritual rule of Jesus Christ. John brought home just how radical that message is still today. In light of world events it was a most timely sermon.
Communion and the sharing of the peace are a good time. A time of reflection alone and in community. Gilbert was quiet throughout.

After we sat in the courtyard with Vivian listening to the chickadees as she told stories of the birds of her Native people.

Then we were walking away headed for Maxx's. There's outdoor tables and chairs for Gilbert and the best lox and cream cheese bagels with lattes imaginable. Laura and l like people watching and Gilbert likes dog watching.

We did our grocery shopping next door and carried bags down the street with Gilbert picking up pine cones. Pine cones are so exciting.

I lay down to read Churchill's Finest Hour while Laura sat outside reading Janet Evanovitch's latest, Fingerlickin Fifteen. Every once in a while she laughs right out loud but mostly she just chuckles to herself. Gilbert fell asleep in the yard. I fell asleep inside. We both had LaZy Sunday afternoon naps.

Now I'm looking forward to a barbecue tonight. A friend emailed that the planned demolition of his house starts tomorrow. That's exciting. Another very beautiful friend is getting married this summer and Laura and I are invited to the wedding. It's supposed to be hot and sunny next weekend so that may mean we will go camping.

I'mq going to go back to reading. Sitting up there's less likelihood of napping now.Gilbert is chewing hard on a chicken squeaky toy. Laura's reading more and chuckling. It's an overcast day, long pants and t shirt weather.

It's a good lazy sunday in the city.

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