Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sun UP Cat

Sun up, the cat's meow, paws slapping at face
Where went the cat who slept though days with me in winter
Can her kitty chow she often ignores be so much better this day
Why yes, it's spectacular. The dawn always is.
A promise and a miracle. Repetition no science alone can create.
Why I would ask but knowing the answer laugh at myself
As the cat trips me on the way to the loo
Waste, waste and more waste. I would give up food and drink
Altogether to be done with this time of toiletry.
The cat is delighted I have flushed the toilet
She finds joy in simple things
Would you drink so quickly after stranger's piss and flush
As she does after mine.
She probably knows I think her gross
And hopes to excite me with her earthiness
The shower is heavenly. The man who invented in door plumbing
No doubt to please a mistress or to forego beheadding by a king
Is surely knighted in some heavenly throng
Feb grapes by young boys and girls clothed in little else but fans
His boat fares better than mine in the imagination
I will not think of work while I wait the glory of coffee
The city is pretty. And she purrs by my leg to remind me
This was her gift. I'd have gladly slept till the alarm.
She's smug, the runt. Furry little unperson.
This apartment is clean and fresh for a change
A lovely woman vacuumed up the dandruff of this cat
That licks herself and claims it's not her mess I'm for ever in
I pay through horrid labour to keep her in his high rise west end
No doubt a portal to some alien cat world that's the place of parties
While I slave to pay the rent
It smells nice today. She licks herself removing the evidence of where I
chucked her under cat chin. She allowed it but now demonstrates her
second thoughts about me, existence and the way things ought to be
But my skin feels clean and the smell of soap is happy in my nose
This coffee with honey and canned milk is God's own elixer
There are dragons to be slain and damsels to be rescued and
Windmills galore but I will savour this moment
Joyful if that's possible for these ever aching bones.

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