Friday, June 5, 2009

GIRI on land

My steel cutter, Giri,  is back on land again.  In Kona we had to get her prepared for her journey home. Now Tom and Dave are fixing the mast with the help of Barry. There's the rust spots and bottom paint to be done too.  
Prayer groups were convened and anointing oil was applied earlier before Tom, attached by sacred thread,  was lowered down into the bilge. He dug out the floor around the head and a battle fit for St. George ensued with lanced monsters oozing horrible smells.   Local medicine women and drummers along with white collared priests from the nearby twin spired cathedral flocked  to assist. With all heaving on the sacred thread ,Tom was pulled bodily back from the black hole of the bilge surprisingly sane and whole.   
He said the first battle was won.  Satan had been wrestled  but demons still polluted the area where Barry must bare steel to reattach the compression pole to the keel. 
Earlier in the day at the Dug Out,  Lyle said the serenity prayer and prophesized my boat would be restored so he and his camera could film Horseshoe Bay this summer.
By the time I arrived to take the Tom and Dave out for the Country Lamb at Anatoly Souvlaki the birds had begun to return to the boat yard.  The priests had gone to restock their incense while the First Nation's folk were still burning bails of sweetgrass.  
My friend Bill had emailed me to say he was getting baptised on Sunday requesting my presence.  I figure that means Harley and I have to head up North Vancouver Island way. 
Tom plans tomorrow to put the whole boat into a Hazmat suit to protect the environment.    He figured he and Dave could supervise the 20 vestal virgins flaying the boat with their long golden hair.  A full moon rose over Coal Harbour as I drove the Harley back to the West End.  

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