Wednesday, June 24, 2009

History of Alcohol

Alcohol exists independent of man and in deed pre dates the history of man. A cloud of alcohol surrounds a star in the Aquila Galaxy, 10 thousand light years away. (Rockerbie, p1)

The discovery of late stone age beer mugs suggests alcohol was purposely fermented as early as 10,000 years ago and may have preceded bread. (wikipedia)

Around 7000 BC wine jars called Jiahu are found in China. Egyptians fermented wine by 4000 BC. Mead, fermented honey and water was popular in Greece by 2000 BC.

Alcohol by distillation was first called Al Kohl and developed by Arabian alchemists.Al Kindi (801-873) unambiguously described distillation of wine.

Whiskey, distilled grain was first recorded in Ireland and Scotland in the 1400's.

Dom Perignon developed champagne around 1668.

In 1700's the British had a Gin Epidemic and later passed legislation to limit the consumption after previously passing legislation to encourage increased production.

The Puritans carried more beer than water on the Mayflower.

In the 18th century temperance movements began in America with the beginning of the American Temperance Society 1826.

By 19th Century problems of urban crime, poverty and infant mortality were blamed on alcoholism.

Alcoholics Anonymous began in 1935.

A July 27, 2007 report uncovered heavy alcohol use by NASA astronauts.

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