Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loving Spoonful

This year's fund raiser for A Loving Spoonful ( )really outdid itself. Held on Robson at the Pacific Palisades, women performed high ceiling acts on dangling scarfs to the astonishment of the passers by. Passing through the flashing cameras and applause, one entered a room of donated potters bowls and sophisticated jazz. The bowls to be taken home served to hold the delicious food that had been prepared in honour of this wonderful society that gives so generously to feed those who suffer from HIV and Aids.
It was terrific to see Sonny there. He's been involved with Loving Spoonful for 20 years. "It all started with a young man diagnosed with HIV being seen scrounging for thrown away food in a Vancouver laneway. The first organizers took him home to feed him saying this is no way for a person already stigmatized by this disease to have to live. Loving Spoonful began that night." Sonny volunteers every week taking food to the downtown eastside. He's just one of so many volunteers who give so much of themselves to their fellow men and women.
The silent auction and main auction donations were incredible. The finest art, jewelry, sculpture, pottery.
And such people watching. My God I thought I was in Montreal or New York the way the men and women dressed for the occasion. Far too fashionable and chic for the west coat and then some
I love the Loving Spoonful fund raiser events. Are you really supposed to have such a good time doing a good deed!

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