Monday, June 1, 2009

WESTCOAST Motorcycle Ride for Dad

The West Coast Ride for Dad, Fighting Prostate Cancer, started 9 am Sunday May 31,2009  from the grand Trev Deely Harley Davidson Dealership and Museum on Boundary Road. Terry Mahoney, pastor  from Westcoast Biker Church, blessed the ride.  There seemed to be thousands out. Twice the number of last year.  The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation now plans its activities around the support brought in by Ride for Dad.
What an event! What a priviledge to be a part of something so special. And such an incredible array of bikes and diversity of people from the gnarly bearded ancient harley drivers to the funky designer chicks on sport bikes.  Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Kawasaki, BMW's, Suzuki, Ducatti, Moto Guzzi, and of course Harley Davidson were just some of the bikes represented.  The Vancouver Police and the RCMP were riding out at the front with the Firefighters and all the biker clubs from Blue Knights to HOGS.  
We drove in rows of twos that strung across the city to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. That's when we headed off in packs for Coquitlam.  Riding my Harley with Laura on the back we followed a large pack that got lost somewhere on freeway.  After that half the fun was finding another group of bikers with Ride for Dad Flags and following them till they got lost. 3rd Poker Stop, Maquabeak Park, Coquitlam was abducted by aliens. By the time we got to Golden Ears Park, Mapleridge for the barbecue hot dog lunch it became pretty clear that a division of labour was necessary.  As I was heading out of the parking lot in the exact wrong direction we decided maybe Laura should navigate. It was such a lovely day and the roads were winding so beautifully that I didn't necessarily follow Laura's directions but felt better that we had some clearer lines of blame.  
I stopped to assist two downed bikers that had difficulty on the gravelly country back roads. Bikes were hurt and bodies bruised but no one was seriously injured. The ambulance crews were on the spot in minutes with superb discipline and efficient caring service.  I've attended at a half dozen accidents these last couple of years.  I'm convinced our British Columbia Ambulance services now have to be the best in the world.  
Laura wasn't too pleased to see the downed bikers so I got a whole lot of bruising on my ribs for any excess speed after that. We somehow found our way to the Chevron Station despite endless glorious detours.  We even made it to Fort Langley and then on to Cloverdale where the great Frazer Downs Racetrack & Casino again hosted the end of the poker run.  Riding on their  race track with all the horse shoe treds before us was a blast from the past.  Half the track round was lined row on rows with motorcycles.  
Essence of Elvis and Run GMC played great music. The hamburgers were terrific.  Laura and I just collapsed in the shade of the beer garden fence drinking up the happiness and enjoying the crowds of good looking people. We felt righteous after a long hot day of riding for a good cause.  What an incredible day! What an event! Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the sponsors and organizers.
National Sponsor - Mark's Work wearhouse; Presenting Sponsor - Scotiabank; Ride Dedication - Mike Bruce (Carter Motorsports); Ride Tribute-Canadian Armed Forces; Honorary Supporting Sponsor -Vancouver Police Department; Celebrity Sponsors - VPD Motorcycle Drill Team, Bro Jake Edwards (Classic ROCK 1001), Steve Crevier (Celebrity Ride Captain), Run GMC, Essence of Elvis; VIP Support - James Moore, MP, Randy Hawes MLA, Blair Lekstrom, MLA, Wally Oppal, MLA.  Much thanks to West Coast Motorcycle Ride for Dad Chairman Peter Groenland and Co-Chair Colleen Groenland


Peter said...

Hello William,
Thank you for the great article - Colleen and I are very happy that you thought so much to write about the Ride. The Ride will be on May 30 (Sunday) 2010. There have been some changes - we are now the WESTCOAST Motorcycle Ride To Live and have teamed up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of BC. The reason for the change is that Ottawa has decided that their only goal for awareness is to get a man to the Doctor to be tested - after that he is on his own. After unsuccessfully trying to get them to work with us on Support ensuring that once a man has been diagnosed he is supported through his treatment and beyond. A journey that should not be taken alone. We (WESTCOAST & VANCOUVER ISLAND) have decided, as a group, to continue with a new look. All the funds raised here will stay in British Columbia for Research, Education & Support.
We hope that you will continue to support the WESTCOAST Ride - you can contact me at
Hope to see you at the Motorcycle Show in January. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.
Peter & Colleen Groenland
Executive Directors
WESTCOAST Motorcycle - Ride To Live.

haykind said...

Thanks, Peter and Colleen.