Friday, June 12, 2009

Sexuality and fMRI's and PET Scans

Sexuality and fMRI’s and PET scans

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Some people have all the fun. I've learned that even as we speak other doctors are making money bringing in couples and getting them to manually stimulate each other while the researchers are looking at their functional MRI.s and PET scans. No doubt this will give rise to a whole new genre of esoteric abstract pornography. The amygdala lights up more in men. Men and women present many similiar bilateral areas of activation: anterior cingulate, medial prefrontal, orbitofrontal,insular, occipitotemporal cortices, amygdala, and ventral striatum. Men activate the thalamus and hypothalamus proportionate to their excitement.

Well this gives me hope as a man. I'd learned that women had all this extra sensory wiring at their clitoris's which didn't seem fair as it gave them the potential for apparently multiple orgasms, prolonged orgasms and heightened orgasms. Now I see that men apparently have the capacity to think about this all much more and use more of their brains to address the matter which gives whole new meaning to why men would put a peephole into a college girl's shower room and women don't tend to get up to that sort of thing. I'd previously thought the economics of supply and demand applied here. Why have a peephole when you can get the whole football team but I see from this scan research women apparently need more direct stimuli whereas men can mentally at least wax poetic about the sighting of a bare ankle. This may further explain that saying about the best sex being in the mind.

Now even as we speak some other bloke wired wholly differently from myself is putting together a wall art video replay track of a brain orgasm and trying to sell it to Walmart to meet the Fourth of July sales.

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