Saturday, June 13, 2009

SV GIRI in Boatyard

Tom and Dave have been working all week at the boat. I've been at the office. They say a change is as good as a rest. Working power sanders and using screwdrivers is a change from computers. My arms are telling me that now. Dave began grinding the boat in the environmentally friendly plastic outhouse like attachment Tom made him out of 2x4's. Meanwhile Tom has had the the NDT guy around and using his ultrasound machine for measuring the width of metal has said there's lots of steel left on the old boat. However a, little welding wouldn't hurt none under the forward bilge. Welders from Trinity came by for inspection on Friday leaving Tom to clear the site for welding this coming Tuesday. He's literally torn out the fore cabin and head to access that area and opened up the area where the compression pipe broke. The roofs been jacked up and in the picture, he's looking at the new pole that Barry welded a base to. This is dropped inside the old hollow pole making it all a whole lot stronger. The mast will sit on top of this and when it's finished will be ready for Cape Horn not that I am.
I've showered off a day of saw dust and grime and am now ready for a night of solid rest. For a change!

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