Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Week

http://www.oneweek.ca/ One Week, directed by Michael McGowan, is a really good Canadian movie. I'd hoped for more National Geographic but instead got more in depth discussion of death and relationships. It's about a man (Joshua Jackson) whose told he has cancer and decides to drive across Canada on a motorcycle considering treatment and his recent engagement to his fiance (Liane Balaban). It's an 850 Norton, probably the one I crashed 20 years ago, restored for this movie. The Stanley Cup and Banff play key roles. Toronto to Tofino, it leaves out eastern Canada but nonetheless I'm wanting to drive my Harley across Canada every minute of the way. Hell's Gate Tunnel is featured and reminds me of how I got air bourne going through that hitting a poor road repair. I thought about the Che motorcycle movie in South America but it wasn't anything like Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider. Canadian's are too clean cut, sensitive and intellectual for that kind of action. It's just a really good movie.

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