Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soul Sadness

Soul Sadness by william hay

At times I am so sad;

That I know such great sadness

Cannot be mine alone.


I must tap some world reserve of suffering,

Because my own life has no such horror or loss

To explain these tears of haunting self pity

And wrenching pain.


I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination.

My life is rich and my cup overflowest.


Yet in my heart  at  times I flounder,

And cry alone,

Not knowing where this depth of despair

Issues from.


It cannot be mine

Else I’d have been swept away

Long ago in this abyss.


Where cries of abandoned children,

Starvation, torture, conflagration

Must resonate with my little griefs

And tiny sorrows.

Giving them such self importance!

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Anonymous said...

'ain't' that the truth. Now to cultivate my soul in cultivating flowers.