Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fort Langley

I’m at Wendel’s Bookstore and Café, Glover Road, Fort Langley.  I’ve had the smoked salmon bagel and am drinking a mocha coffee.  It’s sunny and country pleasant.  Fort Langley has become a great tourist town, a terrific destination for a day out of Vancouver.   Today I came out on the #1 freeway and will return that way. In the past I’ve taken the circle route using the Albion Ferry which connects the North and South Sides of the Frazer River.  

There are a lot of café’s in this town and a lot of outdoor tables. Both the motorcyclists and cyclists who abound here like that.   The outdoor tables keep us close to our bikes. 


On the road it was great to be alive. The farmer’s fields were magnificent with green, green and more green.  The sun was on my face, the wind in my hair and my Harley Davidson 1200 engine was sounding great.    Perfect day for touring.    


On the way back I arrived on a hit and run with a cyclist down.  Another cyclist had been the first responder and was doing a great job when 2 medical specialists arrived including an anesthetist.  I was the third MD. The  Fort Langley Fire Dept and Ambulance arrived and were superb.  Then the police arrived and seeing that the downed man was in good hands went right to asking questions about the hit and run.  Having little to do I was able to watch with admiration as fellow humans were at their caring best.  I sent the pictures I took to the Langley paper hoping they’d show that.


Earlier in the day, I’d stopped at Trev Dealy for the latest in armour inserts,  T Pro CE,  to be slipped into shoulder and elbow pouches of my summer jacket.  $30 of insurance I hope to never need.

On the #1 freeway doing 120 km/hr  I was wearing my Junior Air Bird Glasses and the little helmut for scooping up brains after a crash.  I’m usually wearing a full face mask.  A beetle hit the tip of my ear. It really stung.  Just then a guy passed on a HD Classic riding in shorts and shirtless. He was young , tanned and had a contoured body.  “Just wait till a beetle hits your nipple,” I thought "at" him thankful for my armoured jacket  which  concealed  my middle aged ponch.  

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