Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Thank you for indoor plumbing.  I like flush toilets and hot showers. Thank you for indoor temperature control. I like indoor heating and air conditioning.  Thank you for down comforters and wood furniture and international distribution of materials and manufacturing that transfer thes products around the world. I like the Mexican carpet, the Indian wood carving, the Malaysian wood chest, the Chinese painted box, the Russian painting, the Argentinian leather and all the diversity of goods that come from the four corners of the wold. Thank you for electricity and the lights that let me read at night, the electric stove, the computers. Thank you for the batteries that let me take my phones and computers and radios and flashlights with me whereever I go. Thank you for the GPS that followed the sextant that helps me travel on water and land. Thank you for binoculars and microscopes. Especially thank you for my stethescope.Thank you for xray, CTScans and MRI's. Thank you for pots and pans. Thank you for reliable through hull technology. Thank you for light weight durable helmuts.  Thank you for Thank you for the refined steel in my knives and scalpals. Thank you for the bow I used to shoot deer and rabbits. Thank you for the old rifle I used to shoot a moose. Thank you for all the means I have of obtaining food especially the supermarket.  Thank you for the balcony and the engineering that makes high rise construction with balconies safe and for the plants that grow on the balcony.  Thank you for internal combustion engines that go into Ford Trucks, Honda generators, Yamaha outboard motors, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Thank you for jet planes that bring familes together. Thank you for tv and dvd and all the wonderful movies from around the world, especially Hollywood.  Thank you for the printing press and all the fine books I can read. Thank you for the internet. Thank you for velcro. Thank you for medications and antibiotics that prolong life in comfort.  Thank you for pasteurization. Thank you for telephones and cellular phones. Thank you for the space shuttle. Thank you for hamm radio. Thank you for electric tooth brushes and shavers. Thank you for clean water. Thank you for aerial photography and satellites. Thank you for perfumes.  Thank you the Mars probe.   

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