Sunday, May 3, 2009

Harrison Hot Springs

We are so blessed to have Harrison Hot Springs so near Vancouver. We motorcycled up #7 hwy to spend the night at the fabulous spa and resort. We had a terrific view of the mountain from our room. The springs were hot and soothing. After the ride the thought of dancing in the Copper Room with it's great food paled next to the idea of pizza in the room watching Clint Eastwood in the Gran Torino. Gran Torino with it's cultural insights and manly twists turned out to be completely unexpected. In the morning we had coffee poolside. Later changed and ready to mount the motorcycle we had the small difficulty of being ectoplasm beings after the luxury of hotsprings. With great effort we commanded our bodies into human form and rode off to visit Laura's grand daughter and son in law in Chilliwack. Her daughter 8 months pregnant was absent on a kayaking expedition with the girls. Modern maternity. Go figure. In the pool a woman told us the tattoos on her back stood for grandmother, mother and daughter. Laura and the other women talked about their children and grandchildren. At the Chilliwack Clubhouse that was also the topic when we stopped there for burgers and fries. Meanwhile something has happened to me that Clint who played a grandfather looks maybe 60 at most and the Laura and the other women all couldn't have been more than teen agers with some wrinkles from too much sun. I on the other other hand felt older than all of them until I returned to the hot spring womb and was born again childlike.

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