Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Marijuania Thinking

Marijuania Thinking

-by william hay

“I want you to remove the schizophrenic label from my records, “ he said.

“You are on anti psychotic medication right now and you go psychotic when you smoke marijuania.” the psychiatrist replied. “I can treat you as a drug addict and you can abstain from marijuania and maybe your psychosis will not return. Eventually we could stop the antipsychotics and see if you still have any evidence of schizophrenia but you’d have to be abstinent from all drugs and alcohol for a year or more before I’d risk doing that.”

" I don't want to stop marijuania all together. I only want to smoke marijuania sometimes now.,,,I know smoking it every day was too much.” he said.

“Only a schizophrenic would want to smoke marijuania when it makes them schizophrenic." the psychiatrist said.

He was admitted on compulsory warrant to a state psychiatric facility as a risk to himself and others. Off psychiatric medications a good mother would not want him around her children and pet owners would think twice about leaving their pets in his care.

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