Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pacific Theatre - You Still Can't

Tonight I was number one. I was the first person to buy the next season's tickets for Pacific Theatre 
Concluding this season was Ron Reed's, You Still Can't, starring Tim Bratton, Katherine Gauthier, Mack Gordon and countless others.  It was the perfect sequel to "You Can't Take It With You".  We so enjoyed that last year and hard as it is to believe enjoyed "You Still Can't" perhaps even more.  Maybe the message of the Beatles and Walt Disney, Abbie Hoffman, the 60's and so many still displaced and starving people in the world is an even more poignant back drop today. Now how can that be comedy. Simply because the life of this extraordinary family of characters from You Still Can't Take it With You  remind us in the most hilariously funny ways what's truly important about our lives.  It's really a touching love story at a funeral.  I was still in tears laughing.  The play continues to June 13.  
It's been a great season. Were it not so late tonight I'd find a thousand eulogies to describe how much I appreciate the family of characters who have provided me with nearly 20 years of theatre joy.  They really know how to make an audience feel like they're number one.  

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