Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eagle's Nest Cafe

"Did you see the eagle's?" was the first thing our new friend asked. "They're there every morning I drive to work."
Luciane at the Eagle's Nest Cafe off #7 road by the Nicomen Slough had told us the same thing. "Last week that tree was filled with them," we'd learned as we chowed down to her great fish and chips. I was already enjoying the robust coffee. Some lady had been eating salad when I walked into the restaurant but one guy ordered a chilli dog and the fish and chips. I'm a biker. A biker can't been seen eating salad. Laura had no excuse but went for the fish and chips as well. "This is the best homemade tartar sauce. If you're going to have chips, the fish makes it okay because fish is good for you, right?" I love her rationalizations. I
t had been a terrific day jaunt on the Harley. I love that drive. Green, green and more green. Cows and shetland ponies too. I missed seeing the new big Harley dealership outside Port Moody but she missed the lambs with the sheep I saw before we got to Deroche.
The stop at Eagle's Nest Cafe with it's friendly laid back country atmosphere had arrived just in time for the beginning of the biker season sore butt blues.

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