Monday, August 28, 2017

Waking in the Keystone FUZION Toyhauler

I loved waking in the new Toyhauler, my 2017  5th Wheel 39 foot Keystone Fuzion 371 from Merridian RV.  It really does seem huge compared to my last 30 foot Keystone Energy Trailer. The most distinctive feature when you walk in the front door is the sheer height of the ceiling. My living room and kitchen area is cathedral.  The other feature is that the bedroom is separate.
I woke to Gilbert trying to jump up on the bed but being unable to because the new bed cover is too slippery. I need a ramp of some sort to help him because since his back was hurt he has less capacity for jumping.  Climbing stairs is a tedium too.  I  just reach down and pulled him up.  He was happy then.  Laura left the bed to shower so he lay down in her warmth to wait the return of his mistress. When she's around I'm kind of secondary.
Dave told me the same is true for his dog, Emory, "He ignores me when she's around."
While Laura was in the main upstairs bathroom off the bed room suite I went downstairs to the garage and used the second toilet. I loved this. Normally I'd have to wait for Laura and frankly I don't like waiting for the bathroom. Leftover from my days when I'd impatiently water the house plants or go outside and surprise the hedges.
A second bathroom is an amazing luxury.
Gilbert and I walked Laura to her little red Smart Car.  She has to drive into the city for work.  Gilbert did his business on the way back to the Fuzion.  It's amazing being in the same park and yet I don't feel I am in the new machine.  There's greater insulation and sound proofing.
But sitting here now what's so delightful is the feeling of being above it all. It's so much higher off the ground . I used to feel i was living in a basement suite when I was in the Energy. It had the cabin feeling whereas this is an amazing experience of light.  So many windows and so high above the ground.  I can see what's happening around me 360 degrees just by walking to different windows.  Before I had a whole lot of blind spot.
I love the stove and I love the refridgerator. The counter is a blessing as I love to cook and prepare meals.  I've a whole lot of stowing to do and still some purging yet but the already the kitchen is organized pretty good. I can see what I have and won't be doing so much duplicating.  There's just that much more storage space.
I haven't got the cable working yet but we did have the antennae television functioning.  Then I figured out the system for the DVD. We watched King Arthur last night with Laura saying, "It's just like being at the movies."  The lighting can be adjusted and the couch is a series of recliners.  Very comfortable and a delightful movie watching experience. King Arthur was great too.
In the morning I turn on the electric fireplace with it's image of burning logs. The little heat of the low setting just takes off the morning chill.  I've electric heat and furnace and air conditioning. We've been using the air conditioning this weekend but with the bite in the morning air we're soon be appreciating the furnace more.
Now I've got to get ready for work.  I love the new shower too.  Elegant. There's twice the tank so twice the hot water. I joked saying I wouldn't be going to work with shampoo still in my hair for a change.  Mac and Rick and Dave have been so helpful answering questions and giving tips. I don't know what I would have done without Mac there to help the novice tow truck driver back the machine up and centre it so I could get my slides out. I'll have to sign up for my big rig hauling driving lessons.  I've spoken with Burnaby Hitch and they can install a 5th wheel hitch in the back of my truck anytime.  It will have to wait for after the opening of hunting season. We've got to drop off a chair and some clothing there when we pick up bows and guns and camping gear. I've made a couple of trips to the storage locker to put valuables away for this move.  Maybe I'll bring them out in winter.  I do look forward to when everything is stored and I can be rid of the clutter and chaos.  I envision a lovely evening with Laura before taking her to the Ballet and coming home to a tidy clean place.  There's actually a built in central vacuum system in the Fuzion.  I am impressed. I am also very happy with this new found order and a touch of luxury.
Now to work. Thank you Lord for the gifts of Recovery and for your love in enlarging my territory.

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your new home is beautiful. it is large

God Bless your new home

all who visit