Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Walk and Keystone Fuzion

My legs hurt from the 5 k run yesterday. I actually ran most of it and only walked a bit.  Gilbert had come for a poop and pee then insisted he go back and protect Laura who was still sleeping.  He's really a suck. Sitting beside her as she is lying in bed he puts his paw on her arm and she begins to pet his back or scratch his belly.  That's so much better than a run which I think is sore for his back.  If I wasn't fat and out of shape I'd crawl back in bed with Laura. I was glad for the run though.
Today Gilbert got his walk along the Brunette River. A Gilbert walk as opposed to a Bill run involves lots of sniffing and lots of peeing but not rushing about.  It takes a long time to complete a goodly Gilbert walk.
The sun is shining. It's hot. I love it.
Laura was up early this morning. Her sister and John were picking her up to go with Robin to Cultus lake to meet family and friends and see the granddaughters and grandson.  Laura's granddaughter Paris and Robin are best friends. The newest grandson, Everley is really cute.
I like when Laura sees her grandchildren. She's such a lovely lady and children and animals gravitate towards her. Just yesterday the neighbour's little 5 year old took her by the hand and said,"Lets leave the adults and you and me go for a walk."
With that she took Laura by the hand and chattering all along walked away with her.  I was left talking with Laura and Rick and Dave. There were others there whose names I've sadly forgotten.  Gilbert was so happy to see Dave's dog Emory and visit with the chocolate lab and blond lab. He likes them all.
My big event yesterday was going to Meridian, to look at the 37 foot Fuzion and talk to Steve.  We're hoping to go back next Saturday and that all goes well. I've been looking at new digs for a few weeks. It's been a plan in making for months.  I live in my Keystone Energy which I got and have used for hunting. The fact is I do more living in it and less hauling in it which Laura pointed out. So the Fuzion 5 th wheel is more space and more elegant and also a toyhauler. I doubt I'll be taking it off road anytime soon if the deal goes through.
I have to get an endorsement for my license and called Burnaby Hitch to have a toyhauler removable hitch installed in the new Ford F-350 Lariat edition. Then once I have a machine I have to get a teacher to train me in hauling it. I actually also have to take an actually driving and hauling text.  I like that the government has required this. In retrospect I would have had more peace of mind if I took lessons in towing my previous machines.
I'm really no good at backing up and have all manner of anxiety towing despite doing it and  getting by. This unit is that much longer and that much heavier but the fifth wheel arrangement distributes the weight and I'm told makes backing up easier. I'll have cameras on the new unit as well.  in addition the Fifth Wheel is least likely to shimmy in the wind going downhill/. That's been a trial coming down the Cocahalla Highway off the escarpment and  the coastal mountains.
I picked black berries on the walk today. Sweet. Took some pictures of flowers too.  This morning after Laura left with her family I eventually  had a shave and shower.  Laura's sister and brother in law are terrific. They don't look any different than they did when I met them some 15 years ago. Their daughter sure has grown.  She's a young woman going off to New Zealand for a month next week. Laura thinks the world of her.
I thought about my nephew Alan going to Coventry England for a year of work and study with his partner Meaghan who is doing a year of forensic psychology.  Robin must only be about 20 and I can't help but think how our parents must have been terrified when Baiba and I flew off to bicycle across Europe at that age.  Alan's much older and finished his psychology but I confess young people seem more vulnerable.  I'm old and scarred and dangerous.  It's been a hard learning curve but I survived it and so do the young. I hope it's much safer than it was in my day.  They'll do fine.  Cell phones alone make life less isolated.
I'm reading a Captain Steel novel.  British Grenadiers fighting the French under Marlborough in the 1800's.  Back yard summer reading. I listened to a pod cast while I walked ,of 13th century Hildegard of Bingen, one of four Doctors of Letters of the Roman Catholic Church.  I like the history podcasts. I had just listened to a medical podcast on Placebo Effect in the car.
I ate Me and Ed's pizza left overs for lunch. Laura and I had enjoyed it fresh last night. Great crust.
I've concluded I'm on call.  I've no big expedition or project in motion. I'm just muddling along.  I've a sense I'm recovering from a particularly difficult time still grieving, overworked by the need to move. Disappointed by ethical lapses of others.  Glad to be in these clinics.  I really like the other doctors and colleagues I'm working with. The Fentanyl epidemic is taking it's toll.  I enjoyed getting to Whitecliff last week. IDAA before that was so  inspirational as always.
Now it's time to get back to reading on a lawn chair in the sun. Gilbert is on his leash lying beside the Harley at the front of the property, guarding and sniffing the wind. There's a lot of dogs here right now. They come and go but this weekend has been a real doggy social weekend.
Thank you God for all your blessings.

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