Saturday, August 5, 2017

Five Fundamentals of Civility for Physicians, Dr. Michael Kaufman, IDAA 2017 Snow Bird Utah

Dr. Michael Kaufman is a fine,  kind, caring, learned, gentleman and physician.  His presentation on the Five Fundamentals of Civility for Physicians was especially superb.  He began it with a clip from Dr. House which though hilarious had at least half of us physicians cringing.  It was a priceless performance by Dr. House who indeed presented at times the best and worst of medicine.  I have selected some slides that appealed especially to me. They in no way represent the overall presentation but give some idea of the breadth and depth of the CME.
 Dr. Kaufman is a leading expert and communicator in this field as well as humorous in his presentation.  I found myself thinking nostalgically of suburbs and childhood and safety, a world far away because frankly, myself and others have become to uncivil.  Yet it’s so very important as Dr. Kaufman and the research clearly show.  By discussing incivility and it’s impact, Dr. Kaufman showed how civility could counter that.
I confess as a Canadian, given our public image for politeness and  civility, I thought it fitting that Dr. Kaufman a truly admirable Canadian should be presenting on this.  Personally I think of him as the ambassador to own  more a warrior like self.  I would and have  "argued" the need for both. Dr. Kaufman would 'discuss' the matter more respectful and likely have a deeper and more lasting impact.
His presentation showed the need for more civility, especially for doctors,  and not less, something I would not argue with at all.  He definitely makes a strong case for civility as a learned behaviour.  He showed that it  can be taught and learned.  There’s a skills set. I’d say it was part of what we once called the art , of the art and science of medicine, now with the support of more science.

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