Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Attack has Failed

Justin Trudeau admitted, "I was wrong to let so many unvetted refugees into the country. I was smoking dope, listening to the wrong people.  We all thought we'd win. It was exciting at first.  But then Barrack fell and Hillary and we saw it all unravelling."
East German Communist Merkel, "I knew that I had to turn around if I was going to survive.  We'd lost momentum.  It was supposed to be millions all over Europe.  Poland wasn't supposed to be able to hold out. There couldn't be enclaves where their forces could rally. We needed our people everywhere and it almost worked.  I recommended Nigel Farage be assassinated but I got overruled. We might have survived Brexit but that Donald Trump came out of nowhere.  Martial law. That's how close we were.  Martial law and war and we could have had everything. Power like only the families have. That's what we nearly had. Now it's over and I've had to say the migration was a mistake. What are we going to do with all these soldiers on our land. If I don't get rid of some I'm going to go down like Hillary but worse."
Bernie, "It was over when Trump called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas .  That bitch should never have stolen a cultural identity. What value would I have if I claimed I was black.  This was all about New York.  I don't care what the Israelis thought. Marx started this  and I was going to finish it right here.  We had those filthy Muslims primed.  Just like Lenin used Trotsky and his people I was more than ready to use Islam and then take back the power. They're little more a tribe and anti Semitic. We couldn't let them keep any power they had.  Just tribal, they don't know the level of intrigue we're working on. We've been planning this for years and they're little more than pawns. Thankfully they had their own money.  Things would have been different if the Saud weren't willing to pay for jihad and the collapse of the western democracy.  It would have been a lot easier if we had Putin on our side.  At least Xi Jinping did his best. Almost collapsed the west financially.  I had to hand it to those Chinese when it came to cyberattacks. That Fentanyl attack went a long way to undermining their medical system too. It should have worked. "
George, "It's just a set back.  We've got the stupid blacks and enough are becoming Muslim that we'll be able to control them better in future.  I said always we can't count on the Rothschilds.  They are one of the families and they've no loyalty except to themselves.  That's how they've survived all these years. Blood.  Still I'd hoped.  I did my best to show them the profit but they don't like me.  Nouveau Riche they call me.  That Canadian Thomson actually had the nerve to call me Duddy Kravitz and wouldn't have anything to do with me.  I had that pretty boy Trudeau in my pocket.  I wouldn't say it's over but we've missed this opportunity for world dominion.  It's not over. Maybe for me Angela but my son's primed to carry on. It's how the families worked.  We've got Brussels.  We had Ottawa. Washington was almost ours and we have New York.  We couldn't get Hong Kong but that's going to fall in just a few more years. We already have Beijing.  Only a matter of time.  But yes it was a near thing.  If only we could have got a few more million soldiers in place with their jihad leaders.  If those fucking Africans hadn't raped all those children that would have helped. What a mistake.  I said we should castrate some to send a message. Next time we've got to have better control. At least now we can create underground cells with more discipline. We didn't the need the publicity."
Barack, "We had the media in the west.  Rotterham wasn't supposed to get out.  The damn internet did us as much harm as it did for the Brotherhood.  After that Charlie gaff at least we got the big comedians in America on our side.  Always surprised me how little money a comedian cost. At least the late night TV types.  Still we repaired every crack and every hole.  I don't think it helped to let Venezuela , one of the founders of OPEC, Saud's ally, the flagship of communism fall when it did.  I never could figure out Donald or that witch Kellyanne Conway.  We certainly underestimated that daughter of his and her Jew husband . I think Netanyahahu advised him on everything.  If it weren't for the Mossad our  assassination attempt on Donald would have worked.  Abedin insisted her people had that taken care of.  I still would like to see the bastard killed.  But yea this attack is over. That coward Trudeau is already back pedalling. I understand Merkel but Trudeau always was just a little shit and here he is first to run with his tail between his legs.  I know Mommy Merkel told him he could but God it's embarrassing.  They called us a Bromance, already.  I can't be associated in future with such losers.   George may be too old but I think I can make another comeback.  We're going to win. We're going to have total dominion.  Hillary didn't do it but my bet is Michelle can spear head the final thrust. I've talked with Bill about where they went wrong.  He thinks it was Benghazi.  This one failed for but we won't next time. We've learned and everyone is in place. We just have to wait a few more years.  Lose a battle , win a war.  This attack failed but we'll never fail. That's what Xi Jinping says. I don't know about Saud but I trust Xi Jinping even if he didn't expect his boy Kim Jong -un to shit himself when Trump spoke.  The invasion may have stopped but we've got enough people in place for a civil war everywhere when the time is right. We've got the Pope even.  I still think we have to get rid of Marine Le Pen. Same for Kate and William. They're  young and could hurt us.  We just have to bide our time.  A little longer and then we'll have it all. "

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