Thursday, August 3, 2017

IDAA 2017 Snowbird, Utah

What a lovely location. Like Whistler and Blackhomb.  A ski resort in winter, hiking and study resort summer.
I had a great ride up the canyon discussing religion and spirituality with Larry from San Diego.
"Can you point out the archives?" he asked the driver.
Sure enough there on the side of the mountain was entrance to the great Mormon archives stored deep inside the mountain.  The books and prophecies all kept safe these last 60 plus years. It took years to construct.
At the lodge, checking in I began seeing familiar faces. We smiled. We laughed. We hugged. It was old home week. I've known these doctors 20 of the best years of my life. This meeting is the best experience ever.
My psychiatrist friend Hugh and his beaufiful wife, now retired, enjoying life.  Then the writer Nathan and his wife. What a joy to see Bobbie before seeing her flighty husband Tom. Of course Carole. She pointed to Art and he stood up to give me the hug of all hugs.  Art naturally commented on how beautiful the wives are.  Dave from Manitoba was actually checking in just after me.  Dave from Cyberdocs was getting a coffee when I got down to the meeting.
I"m into the second day. Traci introduced me to the best New Orleans shrimp last year. She's living in a house in the woods with deer that come to visit.  She showed me pictures. Then Judy showed me pictures of her dog.   I  showed off pictures of Gilbert.
Cheryl looks better every year with her lanky runner's body, so spiritual.  Mary is adorable as usual remembering me and everyone else.  She's like the gr. 1 school teacher who knows all the kids.  We a wide range of adults. Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Health Care professionals, spouses, kids. The teens are crazy.  Young doctors in their 30's to the white haired crew I now belong with.
I loved the view of the mountains out of my room.
Dr. Kaufman from Canada, a really admirable nice guy gave a talk on Civility. The guys a walking testament to civility.  A Canadian civil servant.  A reincarnation of Confuscious. He'll reincarnate into the diplomatic corp in his next life. A regular ambassador.
CME- the top addiction doctors and psychiatrists and they're here talking about PET Scans and research. I liked chatting with William, the Neurosurgeon about selection bias, data skewing and the limits of science. St. Louis post grad, top neurosurgical research.  "We developed the PET scan." he said.
Some very funny shares.  Lots of understatement.  Special research programs different people admitted to doing with their own funding.  High cost outcomes. Dubious affiliations.
I love the laughter. I don't think I cry laughing except here. It's safe.  I helped George who had to sit because the air is thin.  I bound up stairs and huff. He was doing the Indie 500 with his walker when he slowed down and took a seat after bounding up the same stairs.  A dozen doctors stop to see if everyone is okay.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Everyone is okay.
We hold hands and say prayers. Hundreds together.  It's so comforting. So serene. So healing.
I'm already feeling better. Less stressed. No longer alone.  Talk of spirituality, relationships and self care.
My first meeting was in Toronto. The banner said, "We are not alone".  I cried seeing that.  I feel so alien as a man standing in the middle surrounded by extremists all believing they're in the middle and attacking me as an extremist.  Humanity.
It's good to be a live.  Eating a great hamburger outside I watched a gopher running across the grass. Later I saw one running down the hall and out the next door.
"They sometimes go inside and take a while to find their way outside." The staff told me.  I like being out of the city. It's so peaceful here.  The resort is a bit of a maze but everyone is so friendly.  Sunny, hot, blue sky.
And every where I go I see people I know and care for and they care for me.

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