Sunday, April 22, 2012

I believe

I believe in one God.
I believe God is the creator and the creation, father, son and creating creation, the holy ghost.
I believe that God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipotential.
I believe that God is Good.
I believe that as there is one time and that time is now then the unfolding of creation is expanding and perpetrating from all directions to this moment and every other moment in a myriad of possibilities beyond my own capacity to comprehend at this moment.  I believe that this explains fate and free will.  That I am free to choose my fate and fated to choose what I freely do.  I believe that paradox is central to my perception of creation. I am "seeing as through a glass darkly'.
I believe that of all the emotions best associated with God's relationship with creation, love is the the best to describe that relationship and in turn I love God., the father and the son.
I believe the Bible is a holy book and the words of holy men who have known God and God's will.  I believe that even if "all roads lead to Rome"  some are definitely more rocky, painful and longer than others.
I believe in life eternal.  I do not believe that with death I cease to exist but rather that a new adventure begins.  I believe this life a chapter in a book that God is writing.
I believe this life is some sort of play and that as I learn more more will be revealed.  There is meaning to living and living brings meaning.
I believe I must understand myself and others more than judge them.
I believe Jesus commanded "Do not be afraid' and that fear kills and harms.  Fear itself is an enemy though there is healthy fear which might better be called 'respect'.
I believe all the world's religions are man's attempt at knowing God and understanding the relationship between God and Nature and God and man.  I believe that religions which encourage killing are less evolved than religions that encourage love.
I think that life often can be compared developmentally with children and various ideas and actions have a place and time developmentally but are wrong at later stages in living.  Hence a 40 year old man or a culture might think about where it dumps its waste better than an immature man or culture. However  as most tribes and cultures have survived to this date tens of thousands of years then like species each has it's own intrinsic specialization and adaptation so should be considered humbly when one compares at all.
I feel that prayer and meditation are important to my relationship with God as are congregating with others in worship and praise.  I believe that we are to relate to God alone and in community.
I believe in love but I know that words and platitudes do not speak as clearly as actions, service and sacrifice.
I believe.

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