Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gilbert- Shorn Cockapoo

Gilbert has a salon appointment. He gets his hair cut, his ears cleaned and his nails clipped.  He's there for a few hours. It happens a couple of times a year.  He comes back to me a wholly different dog. I wonder at first who he is. He's half the dog he was with his mountain man looks gone. No beard, no weird matted hippie hair.  Just a sleek new Gilbert.  Smaller and feistier. He's happy shorn. Except in the sports car where he now needs his  Canucks hockey sweater to keep from shivering in wind.  The heavy hair is hot in spring and slows down his goal to be the fastest ball chaser in the world.  Or at least the local school yard where the cherry blossom trees grow and his dog friends meet. .  DSCN0270IMG 0982IMG 0986IMG 0990DSCN0310IMG 0992

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