Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old Orchard RV and Campground

We came in here last night and were really enjoying the park. It's on the Harrison River at Harrison Mills, opened only a couple of years ago.  The rates are exorbitant, over $50 a night.  It's a lovely setting but we are here off season and it's a huge RV party place which hundreds of spaces and campsites packed in for maximum revenue.  This factory approach to private RV and campgrounds is often the norm making provincial campgrounds so enjoyable by comparison because they maximize the nature quality over the maximal number of units for space.  This one has a beach and open area.
There was drinking in the morning  though and by the afternoon a radio was playing loudly out the back of a truck with a bunch of guys enjoying listening to the radio. It wasn't evening but this 50's, pre earphone set negatively impacted on our enjoyment of bird song. It was loud. Really loud.  And the music as in all such cases was awful. I put on the 4 tenors in a hope of masking their poor taste but it's like spraying cologne in the room when a person is there who hasn't washed in weeks and you literally can smell their underwear.
We've been RV'ing a couple of years now and this is our first experience with the 'neighbours' and the managers who don't do anything. I suppose I could go over and talk to them.
I complained about the noise my neighbour was making in the apartment next door when I was a medical student. Just knocked on her door and asked her to turn the music down. She didn't. I went back a half hour later and knocked on the door. A pot smoking boyfriend appeared with a butcher knife.  No conversation, just stuck the knife to my throat and pushed me back against the railing over the the stairwell, tipping me precariously backwards.  I was helpless, and horrified. He said, "No one bothers my girlfriend. She can play her music as loud as she wants. Understand."  He left I staggered back to my apartment. . Called the police. They came by and I told them what had happened. They talked to him. Came back and told me I should be okay. I did my medical exams in the morning.  I moved out of the apartment later.
I don't want to put a knife in my pocket and walk over and tell the neighbours to turn down their music. Tonight if it keeps up I'll think of slashing their tires instead.  I don't want to talk to the managers. I can see them going around the grounds.  They can hear how loud it is.  I don't need to tell them. I could leave tonight too.  That's the beauty of RV's.
I 've lived on a sailboat too. In the winter a marina neighbour, after I left for work, would change his 30 amp service with my 50 amp service.  He thought he was being clever stealing that way.  The trouble was this exchange tripped my electric heater. I'd arrive home each night for weeks to my shivering siamese cat and the heater off. I told my other neighbour. She told me about the psychopath across the way. I spoke to him.   My cat had her heat back.  I have a real appreciation for what happens when children don't have good parents.
I don't think I'll ever come back to Old Orchard. It's a shame. The site is nice.  Location.  There's a lot of effort gone into this.  Just lacks management.  I know too that if I don't like something then I'm sure the guy in the $500,000 rig across the way is thinking the same. The managers don't have money or they'd appreciate what people want when they go away for a weekend.  They certainly don't want to listen to their neighbours poor taste in entertainment.  I feel sorry for the tenters too.
But they will get rich here.  Lots of yahoos and drunks like these kind of places.  My friend told me about his experience camping one night where the gangs came in and had a shoot out. It was exciting to say the least.  He and all the other rigs left at first dawn.  Makes one really appreciate finding a good safe peaceful campsight where there's not so much drugs and alcohol going on and people don't want to be 'loud'.
At least when my biker friends and I got together to party, play Steppenwolf over the gazillion watt woofers,  target practice in the back acre with all manner of hunting and non hunting guns, we chose a gravel pit in the middle of nowhere.
These people aren't nearly as socialized as my biker friends. Right now they're shouting over their music to talk to each other.

Sunday was idyllic at this location.  Waking to quiet and birds. Staff were really friendly with check out, having been most helpful with checkin.  Were it not for the lack of noise control this really would be a lovely place.  We learned that they're widening the lots to 30 feet.  Alot of the noise were limitted to a work crew.  It may be that management will be more sensitive though that remains to be seen. Given the location I'd be tempted to drop by again but fear that life is too short of another day of sound pollution when seeking peace and relaxation in the country after the hectic city work and community life.


Anonymous said...

in san diego the Hells angels came into the RV and the management left

you can image what kind of night that was

haykind said...

Doesn't sound like a restful sleep.