Friday, April 13, 2012

The Meal

Rick Maddocks' The Meal was performed tonight at the Pacific Theatre, (604-731-5518).  It was billed as a 'gospel funk song cycle" and performed by the Lost Gospel Ensemble. The director was Richard Wolf with incredible set and lighting design by Jeff Harrison.  I couldn't help but be reminded of Jesus Christ Superstar being of an age where Pin Ball reigned. Today the music was definitely more gospel jazz bluesy but hard hitting to the alternative core.  The main singers were Lucien Durey as John, Jody Glenham as Mary Magdalene, Rick Maddocks as Thomas and Caleb Stull as Judas.  The band was Sean Fulton, Jon Wood and Steven Lyons.  There was even a maitre d' Sebastian Kroon.  The Lost Choir was a half dozen or so powerful  voices functioning almost like the cast of a Greek Play.  Great singing. Moving lyrics.  Deep while at the same time there was a touch of near honky tonk.  Clap your hands and we the audience were swaying in our seats.  I loved "there is no room for doubt" 2 curtain calls.  A hush as we left the theatre then the foyer was a buzz with discussion.  I was glad to get the cd and tomorrow will love listening to the whole show again, savouring the words, once again enjoying the rich voices and music.  Well done!  Praise the Lord!

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