Sunday, April 15, 2012

Port Townsend

From Vancouver, It was supposed to be a 4 and a half hour drive.  Wiith half hour border wait,  lots of moseying,  Subway lunch, lots of blue collar comedy sirius radio,  we arrived here 7 hours later. It was worth it.  The 2011 167 hp 4 cylinder hard topped convertible  Mazda Miata was a dream. I was in the best of company with Laura and shaven Gilbert.  He looks presentable now and not like the mountain man dog when he had his beard and long hair.  
We saw a pod of Orca whale from the Port Townsend/Keystone Washington State ferry which we just caught before it was leaving.  Normally it's recommended that you reserve a space.
The town is Victorian and quaint and delightful.  We tried to get a place at the famous restored dog friendly Palace Hotel but the only room left shared a bathroom. Gilbert doesn't like to share bathrooms.  Other rooms don't share but they'd been taken already   The other restored Bishop Victorian had no vacancy as well. There's countless bed and breakfast and other restored hotels.  We just happened to see the modern Port Townsend Inn on our drive back through town and grabbed it.  You turn left off the ferry instead of right into town.  Lovely inexpensive place with pool and hot tub.
After unpacking, (2 overnight bags is all we carry in the little Miata trunk) Laura and I immediately headed out to walk through the town and stop  for coffee,  We could sit  outside the Water Street Creperie with Gilbert, and enjoyed an Americano and a Frapuccino. Sitting in the sun in this old tourist seaport town was terrific.  Lots of interesting people watching.
Then it was a trip to the famous Wandering Angus where we found Celtic Treasures.  Irish sportscar driver patch hats for me, a Land of Barbarians Scottish cap, a hand tooled leather bracelet for Laura, and a mouth watering doggie treat for Gilbert.  Next we hit the next door bookstore where Laura found a Brenda Ueland treat,  then it was a walk round the Northwest Maritime Centre.  We were looking for the Fort Warden and the Point Wilson Lighthouse.  But by the time we realized it was uphill and a half mile further than the marina where the Wood Boat Festival is held, we decided to turn back.  I don't think I've walked as far since the fall hunt.
Thank God for the Port Townsend Inn hot tub and pool.  Tomorrow we'll find Fort Warden and look at restored old buildings and the Natural History exhibit.  We love Port Townsend.  Can't imagine why I've never sailed here. It's just below the San Juan Islands across from Victoria on Vancouver Island.  It's definitely a destination well worth coming back to. Everyone is friendly and they like dogs. Only the best class of people like dogs.  Like the Queen and her corkies. But in America we really should point to the President and his dogs instead. DSCN0310 IMG 0995IMG 0996DSCN0324DSCN0322DSCN0321IMG 0997DSCN0355DSCN0332DSCN0338DSCN0341IMG 0998DSCN0336IMG 1001DSCN0343DSCN0345DSCN0354DSCN0344

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