Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gilbert - traveller

Since a puppy Gilbert has been travelling with me in whatever vehicle I've been using. He first came home in my truck. Then he travelled in Laura's car. After that he began riding on the back of my Harley.  Since that he's ridden on the back of a Honda 230 and a Polaris 500 ATV.  He's crossed Georgia Strait in my sailboat. This last winter he rode in the sidecar of my Ural Sidecar Motorcycle.  He's flown east with me, a jet setter, though he prefers to be called a jet-cockapoo. I got a picture of him being loaded on the plane in his kennel.  Now he's riding in my Mazda Miata and really enjoying being a sports car dog.  There's no doubt Gilbert gets around and travels well.  Gilbert sidecarGilbert jet cockapooMiata Gilbert

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