Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fort Worden State National Park

We decided to drive down to Port Townsend just for a drive. I had a new 2011 Mazda Miata sportscar and was glad for any destination near Vancouver.  The Victorian buildings of Port Townsend attracted me.  We loved the town with the great shops like the Wandering Angus full of Celtic Treasures. Then we found the Fort Warden State National Park.  We drove around the buildings snapping pictures and catching a shot of a couple of dear on the commons.  It was an idealic place to bring my RV and certainly great for just plain camping. Gilbert loved the beach.  It's truly beautiful countryside.  The monuments were well maintained. I loved Alexander's Castle.  The grounds are huge with countless buildings.  Must have once housed thousands. DSCN0359 An old army fort that had served for the Korean War but been de commissioned some 50 years.  Museums there and Water and Science museums nearby. We didn't have the time or inclination this trip to explore indoors. The sun was spectacular after a long wet winter.  Beautiful place though. Rich in history.  A young woman recommended it to us on the ferry.  I saw an old man I took to be a vet looking for  his youth .DSCN0370DSCN0360DSCN0376DSCN0368DSCN0369DSCN0363

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