Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Secrets Kept Secrets Told

Ben asked me to write a review of his book. Thanks to the best of  editting my  review was chosen for the back cover.
"Ben Nuttall Smith's biographical novel, Secrets Kept/Secrets, is a testament to survival. Based on the author's experience of running from the buried memories and shame of horrific sexual abuse during the London Blitz, Bens'protagonist travels to French Canada and further bullying. At 17, he joins the Navy and is almost happy, for a while. Forever running into impossible situations, he meets near death attempting to help Afro Americans in the Southern US.  Desperate to find acceptance and love, he seeks the spirituality of a Catholic teaching order and discovers the joys of teaching music and drama.
After thirteen years of mixed joy and frustration, he leaves the order and marries. Still the trauma of his childhood catches up, eventually destroying career and marriage.
As an artist on the Sunshine Coast, he is finally able to confront his childhood terrors and begin the road to recovery that brings him true love and the full blossoming of his creativity."
It goes on from there. I'd strongly recommend you buy the book to read the complete review on the back of the book. Obviously the book itself is great.. But consider the review a bonus.

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