Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hyperlon versus PVC dinghy

I have had both types of dinghy on my off shore sailing vessel.  I chose the Achilles hyperlon this time becuase it stands up to UV light destruction better than PVC. The fact is that dinghy's are commonly out, in my experience,  So even in northern hemispheres this isn't an insignificant feature. I've had a half dozen dinghys over the last 30 years. A couple have by hyperlon and the rest PVC. They've all been tough and taken serious beating in my trips along the North American coast. I have punctured two dinghys, once when a huge wave pushed my dinghy with me standing in it into a spike like strut and in another occasion when I was at the pub and came back late to find the tide had risen and the dinghy was trapped and  punctured under a barnacled encrusted Mexican dock.
No manner of 'hard' landing on rock shores has punctured my dinghies. I had a hard bottomed dinghy with the idea of corral in the south but because I was careful in fact there was no advantage over soft bottom in usage. With the soft bottom dinghy I could store it rolled up on passages.  That said hyperlon is more expensive and may or may not be worth the extra cost.  I thought so but then I bought hyperlon this time as much  because I wanted the Achilles brand.
I have had two less expensive pvc dinghies made by small companies that went out of business. When I wanted a part or information the companies didn't exist. The longer I'm in the nautical world the more I appreciate the big companies that stay around and back their prodcuts. Achilles is also a 'global' company so if I need something, I'll probably be able to get it anywhere.
That said I would be able to get PVC patch kits more easily than hyperlon patch kits, around the world. So if you're cruising, don't lose the patch kit.  This time round I have a 67 lb Achilles with inflatable floor for lightness and have been assured that my dogs nails won't go through the floor though they will surely scuff it, if I don't put down some indoor outdoor carpet to protect the beauty of my dinghy.
IMG 0743Frankly, my main concern now, is that's its so pretty and new it's inviting to theifs so I can't wait to get the dog at work making my dinghy less attractive.

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Anonymous said...

like yourself I've had several tenders

all have leaked

I'm done with that

I'm looking for a solid one at least I don't have to look at it on its side or flat as a pancake