Saturday, March 10, 2012

D.W. Linden

I just read D.W. Linden's Sand Creek.  It's a Johnny Hart mystery novel set in the midwest. Johnny Hart is a deputy sheriff rodeo rider recovering from a recent goring whose rodeo clown Indian friend Char falls in love with a cowgirl living near Sand Cree,k the site of the Indian massacre. The FBI arrest Char as a serial killer and Johnny Hart's alcoholism interferes with his ability to help. Sandy, the Christian cowgirl whose the next victim depends on her grandfather a grizzled old cowboy whose heart isn't so good. The FBI isn't telling the back story and Johnny Hart has to get help from the Indian drug and alcohol counsellor and his Tex Mex ex wife, the attourney for prosecution. Now there's a spicey relationship.   It's chalk full of gun battles, Indian fighting, road races and horse back rides to the rescue.  One heck of a fine book, original and yet uplifting with all the history and cowboy wisdom.  A must read. This would make a very fine movie tool.

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