Saturday, March 24, 2012

Firearm Violence and Canadian Registry

80 million US citizens own guns.  75% of homicides are by handguns.  53% of firearm death is suicide.
Firearm death is a relatively rare cause of suicide. The rates of suicide remained constant when gas ovens were a principal cause of suicide of England and gas ovens were discontinued.  Suicidal people are more inventive and persistent than homicidal people.  Availability of a gun increases likelihood of a gun being used for homicide or violence.
75% of homicide victims are criminals. Hunting rifles are rarely used for crime.  Hunters are rarely violent.  Urban violence with firearms is double or more than rural violence. Hispanics and blacks are more prone to violence especially in ghetto areas.  Most firearms violence is gang related. Cocaine is associated with increased violence. 20 t o 24 yo single males account for a highly disproportionate amount of violence.
The amount of firearm violence was decidedly less when firearms were more common and unregulated 100 years ago than they are now in modern urban centres.  Accidental deaths by firearms are directly associated wiith storing firearms loaded and the problem is removed with proper firearms storage, i.e. unloaded. Present day regulations regarding storing unloaded firearms locked are principally a means to delay access by hot headed men and women in times of passion.
A quarter of robberies occur with firearms but the rates of robbery are not decreased by criminal's having less access to guns.  Criminals however with a gun are more likely to shoot a person dead in a robbery whereas without guns they would bludgeon  or stab their victims leaving them disabled or head injured for life. The latter victims live but not without lifelong consequence of the violent criminal robberies.  Robbery and assault rate in the US are comparable with Finland and Australia despite Aussies and Finns not being allowed to own guns.
In Canada 3/4 of death by gun is suicide.  A firearm was used in less than 2.4% of violent crime. 75% of violent crime in Canada is used by physical force. The latter statistic suggests that gyms and YMCA's should be outlawed and that men and women should be only allowed to have a certain muscular girth.  2/3 of all violent used of firearms in Canada was with hand guns.  Homicides committed with firearms were stable over 10 years suggesting that the Registry had no impact whatsoever on criminal behaviour though it alienated hunters collectively and condemned all of the men and women who had been in Canada as grandparents making this country the attractive place it is today.  Firearms account for 1/3 at most of homicides in Canada.

The Gun Registry assault on Canadian taxpayer legislation in Canada cost several billion dollars, gave political inspired jobs to security force related personnel, personnel themselves with a greater propensity to violence,  and only introduced purely reduntant legislation that cost hunters personally millions of dollars and as many hours of lost productive time in a silly beaurocratic game that has finally been removed.

Prime Minister Kim Campbell of the Conservative Party had prior to the Liberal Gun Registry offence and assault, ensured that guns in Canada were properly managed.

In Canada the principal violence by guns against women has been by criminals and by unregistered guns.  Hunters and outdoorsman were not against handgun and gatling gun restriction. They were already highly restricted before the Liberal Party of Canada's fueled urban female fear and ignorance and the tendency for women decades ago to deny their own propensity to violence.

Now Canadian women are world champions in marksmanship, politically more savy and the Liberal Party of Canada was said to be outsted partly because it did not treat women with the respect they deserved.  Canadian women today are taking up hunting and gun ownership in unprecedented numbers.

All parties, the Conservative and opposition NDP and the now recuperating Liberal party are taking a tough line on criminals.  Canadian political leaders in general today recognise that responsible citizens who have always registered their firearms are not the cause of violence and homicide in the community.

The rate of suicide will not be changed with lack of access to firearms as suicidal individuals in contrast to homicidal individuals are most likely to find alternative methods. In polynesian islands suicidal people jump head first out of coconut trees.

Increasingly domestic violence studies show that women not surprisingly have a prominent role. It remains to be seen whether the increasing ownership of guns by women will lead to an increasing rise in homicide by firearm in domestic violence.  Ownership of firearms by males under the age of 25, those with a criminal record for assault or violence, and those with demonstrated violent gang membership might  warrant review now that the silly beaurocratic sexist swindle is behind us.

It remains to be noted that Hitler and Stalin disarmed their population before Hitler first attacked Germans and Stalin first attacked Russians. Hitler killed millions and Stalin killed 10s of millions.  Governments which have historically been most vociferous about disarming citizens have a rather bad track record for the greatest numbers of state killings of citizens in the history of the world.

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