Friday, March 30, 2012

The Essential Soft Tissue Injury Conference 2012

This Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia Conference was put on with the Family Practioners of British Columbia.  Credits for attendance at the March 30, Friday and March 31, Saturday conference was provided to both doctors and lawyers. Personal injury lawyers came from all over Western Canada with maybe a quarter health treatment professionals.
Co Chairs were Robert Marcoux, Sean T. Pihl, Dr. Mark K. Frobb and Dr. Daniel R. Gouws.  I'm here at the end of the first day having coffee at the last break having enjoyed a full day. The conference began with lawyer Dick Byl presenting on Clement versus Clement, regarding as yet to be released Supreme Court statement on 'causation' and 'but for ' ideas regarding 'negligence'.  A fascinating detailed presentation of a wealth of information condensed down to truly pertinent information for doctors and lawyers.
Lawyer Manjot Hallen next presented a truly informative presentation on How to Write a Good Medical Report discussing, expertise, timeliness, billing and what to say and what not to say.  Excellent.  I think I knew most of it from experience but given as '10 commandments' made it truly memorable. I learned a couple of key pieces of information and the source of that requirement in the actual 11.6 laws governing expert witnesses.
Comorbities and Timelines, what to watch for when an injured client or patients isn't getting better was given by Dr. Daniel Gows.  I really enjoyed this South African gentleman, physician, and scholars expertise regarding 'chronic pain' and the sharing succintly of the central ideas that I as a physician deal with routinely.  He made obtuse clinical information clear to a general audience and I admired his communication skills in this regard.
The medical legal panel discussion included Dr. Lisa Caillier, MD FRCPC Physical Medicine, Vancouver, Dr. Raman Manchandra MD CCFP, family physician with special interest in pain management, Surrey BC, and lawyer Sean T. Pihl, Kelowna BC and Kara Naish, Richmond BC.  I love to hear Dr. Lisa Caillier who works with G F Stromm anytime. I've had the priviledge of reading her reports on overlapping patients and thoroughly admire her knowledge and empathy.  The panel was fascinating with great responses to practical questions from gps and lawyers in the audience. Most people were asking questions about ongoing pertinent cases and the insights were most helpful indeed. Very different medical and legal considerations in some regards, similiar in others. What was a delight was hearing how much the lawyers care for their patients and how much we all are working to a common cause, helping the patient get the accident behind them so they can get on with their lives
The afternoon was focussed on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome with truly scintillating overlapping presentations by powerfully impressive physicians, Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Salvian and Physiatrist Dr. Duncan Laidlow.
I've attended these conferences before and these presentations by Dr. Laidlow and Dr. Salvian were a couple of the very best medical rounds presentations I've heard.What was fun was the nature of the questions from lawyers and doctors that followed.
Now the talk on Myofascial Pain is beginning so I best get back to the conference.IMG 0885 IMG 0880

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