Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cafe Pacifica and Italian Opera

What a lovely evening. Laura was beautiful.  The venue was superb. The view of Coal Harbour at dusk was spectacular.  We came in with young men and women singing opera to a solo pianist. The buffet was the best, reminding me of the buffet dining I fondly remember from the Marianas Islands.  My dad loved buffet and he would have loved this, not just the soldier fish or steak medallions but the pasta and sauce made individually before your eyes. I loved the music and the food and the company.
I haven't died either. The person beside me died, some 25 years ago,  of botulism mushrooms,  when we were in the restaurant situated here before this.  Despite change of management and staff and everything about the place,  I haven't been back since. I was called IMG 0886 the morning after because I'd ordered the mushrooms like the person next to me,  only to change my order to escargot at the last second. They died, I lived. And though any restaurant could have a horror story like that, personally I never returned till tonight. . Obviously this is a different restaurant and different time. It took awhile for me to over come my superstition.  Maybe the opera dispelled the demons.The opera was magnificent. Now I'd bring anyone here to celebrate Vancouver.IMG 0887IMG 0888

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