Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grouse Hunting with Luke, Sonny and Gilbert

The hunt was intended as a big game hunt. We hoped to shoot moose, deer and bear. I only saw the hind end of one deer. The bear I saw were moving too fast and the moose I saw was a female. I did see a beautiful lynx and got some amazing pictures. Luke and Sonny saw several moose with young and bear with cubs. The weather was just too sunny for more game to be out during the day. When it did rain it was thoroughly miserable. The morning cold and frost everywhere was trying. Getting out of the sleeping bag in the dark and cold was unnerving. But by 10 am it was glorious with warmth and sunshine. By the afternoon we were walking about in flannel shirts and jeans with rifles over our shoulders. The last couple of days Luke or Sonny was out on the Honda 230. I was driving in the truck with one or the other and Gilbert. Our days had turned into the most amazing grouse hunts with whole coveys of 5 to 10 birds flying up into the trees where we shot them with 22 or Sonny using my side by side 12 gauge took them on the fly. Time and time again Gilbert found fallen birds we might well have lost. We all got out limit in grouse and frankly it was the best bird hunt I've ever been on save the days I hunted prairie chicken with my Dad and brother back in Manitoba. Laura stayed at the camp while we were out and was a delight to return to.

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